What is the monthly income of Shanghai Longfeng 10000 difficulty About 9.10 months of monthly income

2016 is a new turning point, down to an Internet company in new friends, and the manager talked quite, in April to start work, occasionally do Shanghai dragon ranking, every day is very easy, although the income is not high, also about 2K, but work every day at leisure, half the time to the work done, and free time can study Shanghai Longfeng knowledge about 2K a month income, pay rent to the source so There is not much left., most of the revenue in online cooperation, the average income is in 5K.

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a lot of people so I asked a very awkward question, now how much income? I can only answer: barely enough to laugh. Shanghai dragon can earn broken million, about the problem is really difficult to answer, do Shanghai dragon broken million had a lot, so do Shanghai dragon is a monthly income of million could be broken, can work in the business network manager, technical staff can also be their own business, but also can work while orders to make money, but the problem is a monthly income broken million is the premise of technology and experience.

I leave home from Shanghai


revenue in September, including salary, a total of 10875 yuan, the establishment of cooperation received two (4 sites), 4 virtual host rent, a promotion of Shanghai Longfeng deposit; the maximum income is a Shandong boss in Rongcheng, a total of three sites, 3 promotion products, mainly do the decoration materials, the customers talk for nearly a month before deciding to give the author to do well the contract will send to Shandong, site is early October to do a good job, this is the individual form to pick up a single, very not easy, but also deeply appreciate the opportunity to make money is not easy, can not be met, we saw the opportunity to come ready for.

, a 9.10 month income 10000 experience

in August 25, 2015, to rest at home for more than a month, mainly to do some personal website at home, as the case convenient for the next interview, pick up some spare time through the Witkey website of Shanghai Longfeng list issued by the chain earn money, the monthly income but it was quite 2K-3K. Hurry, seeing about the Chinese new year, the total can not go on, so after a national day in October 2015, went to Guiyang to seek work, at the time of interview a highway transportation equipment, interview smoothly, the boss of 3K’s salary in Guiyang, the second city, is relatively good. When combined with their own line outside the block, a month can get about 4K, when in November the first paycheck, except for the rent and food expenses, the remaining money in Shanghai dragon online training, life jinbaba, to the end of the year, I choose to leave, because the work is too complicated, not only to management of the entire network, but also served as samples (Porter, a small sample has more than 30 pounds), did not have much time to learn.