You need what kind of website optimization flow

you need what kind of traffic? Most people do network marketing purpose is simply to make money, to make money first need to get traffic, so the general site. The objective is to have sufficient traffic to get traffic in a variety of ways, such as advertising, advertising on the portal site in the alliance, love Shanghai bidding and natural optimization etc.. Until there is enough time to flow we need to do is to identify which traffic is the actual conversion rate, try to get some more high conversion rate, reduce the number of traffic flow has no practical effect, how to see whether the flow conversion need to view different industries, because of my work in the medical industry, so in the medical industry as an example to introduce.

in my hospital gynecological hospital is a local, because it is a private hospital, so most of the customers are from the local, according to this definition, whether there is a differential flow conversion rate can start from the following points: first, whether it is local search word; two, whether it is gynecological search three, whether or not there is such a word; technology; fourth, keywords competition degree.


is a local search term, this is the most important, the search term is generally not without local flow properties are relatively high, such as the symptoms of cervical erosion, if coupled with a Hangzhou local, treatment of cervical erosion, so the word search volume will decline ten or even dozens of times, in the face of this situation, whether you are doing search engine bidding or natural optimization, the most important thing is to make local words, which can reduce the difficulty of optimization, reduce the cost and improve the search conversion rate, to love the price of Shanghai as an example, if you do is national words, may keywords on hundreds of times, only a few truly local, so The loss outweighs the gain..

The first point: whether

second: whether the gynecological search words, whether there is such a technology, the two did not seem to be what to say, most of the professional slightly people should not have made such a mistake, will certainly do gynecological gynecological hospital class words, do not male or other things, this technology may be used note that, because now medical technology is relatively developed, when doing promotion or copy don’t own the wrong technology hospital, with amusing incident.

I am now in the medical industry as an example.

third point competition is fierce, to love Shanghai bidding for a keyword may sometimes patients come to the hospital consumer success, such as four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound was 400 dollars, if this keyword is one click more than 50 blocks, it is certainly not done, because to do so will most of the time at a loss, when there are natural optimization if a keyword optimization difficulty is very high, but a very small amount of click or click on the volume is very high but are in the field, this time we can consider temporarily to do some other relatively high conversion rate of the word, then consider this word.