To make good use of love Shanghai encyclopedia website optimization techniques


love Shanghai encyclopedia is almost each netizen used almost love Shanghai products, because it has a certain authority, many users will click on the links to get more knowledge, so can add your own web site in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love inside, traffic will certainly have a lot of improvement.

but we all know, want to add your own web site in Shanghai encyclopedia inside, is a very difficult thing, because the love of Shanghai will have a review and review mechanism of it is very strict, so there need some strength and skill.

3: is the last entry with site specific methods, this is the most important thing for us, never in the entry in the website content editing out add link address, so users feel like Wikipedia is soft, it is important to join such a sudden. Certainly Wikipedia entries not passed, so only reference and extension of reading is that we add link place. In order to avoid adding advertising intention is too obvious, adding links in the reference when the page to add the site instead of the front page of the site, and must be with the entry content have a certain relationship, which allow readers to see your website, and you browse the website to feel perfectly logical and reasonable, the rest of you want to browse content. Don’t join have no relevance to the web site, which not only plays a role in the promotion. (think users will resent, and love Shanghai ")

1: is the first hard power editor, the editor is an account level, the account level is nothing more than a source does not stop in the encyclopedia to do the task and edit entries, all entries of love Shanghai are constantly revise, supplement. The more you edit, and by then you edit through the chance will be greater, this is a very simple truth, as if you were a very good student, always do a good job, the teacher checked when you work, the mentality will relax, you have some small errors. That may be because of the teacher’s attitude and not found. Obviously, these errors will stay. If you join the site is a small mistake, possibly because of your high level of love and stay in Shanghai lack of review. After all the love of Shanghai did not want to offend all users.

2: then is the Wikipedia entry content, although this is not your attention, but this is the love of Shanghai wants you to join the site, is also the premise to edit entries, should first fully understand the definition of love Shanghai encyclopedia, it is for the user to provide the specification do not understand things, so it requires. Concise content, and depth, and is independent of the content must not say. Just imagine, from the user point of view to review the terms of the editor, the content of the theme even do not understand, but what about by connecting more, to love Shanghai in editing entries must be on the content of the preparation, must be on the content of the entry section, to be regular and easy to understand, only it has a chance to pass.