The website design should pay attention to what the old new year

The new Don’t change the

even Microsoft website suddenly change blog URL is considered to be a large number of new pages are the same.

The optimization speed of

when modifying URL, can be the original URL to the new URL, the old URL in the search engine database will be maintained for a period of time, will still search to search, whether 301 is on the search engine or the user or the site itself is good, is a good link PR. The Dalian website collect and distribute 贵族宝贝52lefen贵族宝贝 please indicate the source! Thank you!


high quality original content and valuable content, has been a constant topic, regardless of the speed of the page or column, to conduct the same control. For example, the new page and the proportion of sites, the current site has 1000 pages, 50 pages a few days increase, also can, but if a sudden increase in the more than 1000 page, this might think this is rubbish.


301 redirect

pages should be controlled, don’t suddenly each page of the Shanghai dragon. Like the title, keywords and link text and so on without optimization, optimization of all of a sudden become quite good, this effect is often the opposite, if please slowly added.

whatever change that part of the site, so it is. When the site does not have a serious mistake, the site keywords ranking is hi. You can, or don’t make large changes to the website, but can be part of optimization.

page can not be too fast

many owners reflect, in accordance with the idea of SEO website redesign, included in the site but declined, which is why

in some Adsense website redesign, web directory file name the original name, together with URL also made changes, but Gaga column content on the line, after the original "old URL has changed, the search engine will take this as a new web page, this approach is not only led to the site the included drop, and the new page of the website will over time included, another point is that the chain also lost its due role.

for URL

not to cannot but not to change the design of the