Love Shanghai bidding and how to optimize the network account

and other development keywords love Shanghai system tools and keyword search terms report etc.. Different people will have different search.

most of the customers have needs, will produce a search, in search of love fall in love with the sea, Shanghai will produce a large amount of information, several information customer first to see the home page, his interest will produce hits by comparing, will choose a company website, consultation of interested products, finally generate turnover.

, the most important thing is to set up a clear, easy to manage the account structure. Specific ideas are as follows: according to the product line, are classified according to the level of turnover intention keywords. For example, a specific plan of English training company can be divided into business English, English, English exam, structure at a glance.

English trainingThe

plus regional Hangzhou English training.

and word class words such as: the best English training, English training which is good.

The price of

conversion rate can be subdivided according to the key words, the highest conversion rate is related with English keywords and "training" two words, this kind of word conversion rate, classified as a class, and then the "tutorial" "Curriculum" and "learning" is a kind of word is classified as a class, finally is the minimum training intention "entry" and other words.

well, the English training company as an example, we discuss some problems of love and Shanghai to promote the most effective two part of bidding and operating skills and network on the details of the deal. The first part is for:


This is the advantage of The next

for customers of each step, enterprises can make the correct response, will be able to sell more products. When customers search needs, enterprises should make their accurate information to show, let the customer see next, enterprises should make their own promotion to attract people, customers will be interested in, then click on the search results.


group account structure at a glance, convenient management, unified bidding, a good account structure for a key account for tens of thousands of, the late optimization can definitely play a multiplier effect.

search intent four English training, adult English training.

class such as English training: how much money do you

as everyone knows, naturally love Shanghai occupy the absolute supremacy in many search engine status, love Shanghai marketing.

two, more keywords. There are many ways to expand keywords, multi angle extended these methods have the following specific keywords:

and the nature of the enterprise such as: English training institutions, English training school.

For example: the

with brands such as: New Oriental English training.

For example: the