Outside the station optimization is the cornerstone of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategies for

set up on the data of the keyword strategy, so as to change the results through the link building efforts. If you return to the wizard for what would be the point?

brand information Keywords

the principle of moderation and diversification is an important principle of anchor text selection. Do you work well and identify derivatives such as "men ‘s winter jackets" and "cheap men" s jackets is a group of value". Let your keywords in your list of links in the diversification can make it look more natural.

containing 30% to 40% key derivatives.

including URL and

a good selection of keywords to improve the conversion rate of your website online, these words as your goal.

causes the main external reasons for the decline in ranking is because the classification of link building. The influence of social ranking can draw traffic to the "traditional" flow caused widespread controversy in recent months. At present, there seem to be few in Shanghai dragon and digital marketing issues are the same and controversial link building. The search engine algorithm is in constant development, obvious effect, outside the station is the core factor. This paper focuses on the construction of the link and not talk about strategy. There have been many articles talking about strategy, but little attention to those who can guide the link building campaign strategy. When the lack of a stable high quality link, you are just a waste of time and money. In this paper, some hope to convey ideas can make you apply to your project.

and "direct value nofollow" link will be less than a "follow", the indirect value can make your links and diversification can >

anchor text and value diversificationYou must have a 10% to 20%

diversification is not only related to the proportion of the anchor text, but also affect the link to your file in the follow link and nofollow. Many link builders will make such a mistake — they get rich "follow" link to the extent that it becomes almost all component files. It looks more natural? Wrong。


put these words as your anchor text, but not as many as do Shanghai dragon trap. This is a common problem: if I want to "men" s jackets "ranking and I do, so I decided to let all the links will be" men "s jackets" as the anchor text. This is a mistake. You are paying attention to some of the main keyword and your anchor text at the same time, please don’t forget some of the derivative keyword is also very important.

uses a successful anchor text rules, looks like this:

contains 50% accurate matching keyword.