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Wu Bo predicts that with the expansion and layout accelerated, the end of this year, the United States and Canada will be covered by major domestic cities. He also revealed that the use of O2O to enhance the traditional retail efficiency is only the first step in the United States and Canada, but even more critical is how to quickly build commodity brands with O2O. Plans to hold a show in the late May or early June with several design brands. This show will also be similar to millet, participants need to buy tickets before admission.

it is reported that, until now, the distance handle network founder Wu Bo with Canada Music comeback for a month time, Wu Bo said, "next to you", "line" and "famous sale" is reflected in the North American music attribute three labels. In this platform, the sale of goods positioning high-end, design distinctive, fashion and high quality through the whole cooperation brand in a main line.


it is understood that the first batch of cooperation with the United States and Canada brand, in addition to covering online and offline well-known brands, department stores, as well as "navel navel" and "POP MART" and other new generation of "line tide" brand. These brands will achieve cooperation in the United States music website to the famous sale form of sales, which shows the problem caused by the offset problem of the line stores limited area, increase the commodity sales coverage, at the same time, through the integration of online and offline, also to the leading role of the next line store up stream.

, "navel navel" and "POP MART" and other businesses will be through the Canada music platform before the end of the year to completely open up online shop, the store POS system, so that consumers at any time and at any place, can be freely through the website or mobile phone stores, shopping.

Canada Music cooperative store Tencent technology plan

introduction Wu Bo said, the main reason is that the three or four line of urbanization process is accelerating, contains greater opportunities.

Wu Bo pointed out, chose the three or four line of the city as a starting point, the main reason lies in the city of these areas in the process to accelerate, contains more opportunities, it is leveraging this O2O retail outlet revolution.

, which is different from the previous wave of Internet wave of big integration era. This is the worst of times, and this is the best of times.

in the new economic history, has no shortage of commercial upstarts pose challenges to disruptive innovation both the authority and the success of the case, once the hustle and bustle of the new economic theories on the dust to let more people believe in this field there are infinite possibilities, the Internet is always filled with air, to subvert the new group atmosphere.

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it seemed to mark a new Internet hegemony era has quietly come.   

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Tencent news Le Tian April 12th news, founder of the founder of Wu Bo network O2O project, American music today officially opened to consumers, the first batch of cooperative shopping malls will start from the northwest region of Lanzhou.