How to improve the weights of the website name

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question answering sites such as Search ask the question and answer, can easily be added to the web site. The title of the questions, of course this is the title page of the title, so the weight can be obtained can improve a lot. Love Shanghai know the URL more stringent audit, this method basically is to pass, Search ask the question and answer as long as not too much too much to do. If you pass the examination, can not be added to the title and address domain name in question content, relatively high by chance. Another advantage of this method is that many of the two or three stream sites will be the first time to collect these contents, that is not wait until this was answered on acquisition in the past, will be added to the web site. The title of the questions or the content can be collected more, so good a lot.

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three, as the domain name address questions

weight of title is relatively high, especially the love of Shanghai. The domain name will be written to the title, as a part of the suffix is reasonable, although it is not clear what the domain name weight increase directly, but the benefits are certainly there. Is the most direct visitors can increase the impression of the domain name, either in search results or into the internal web site, this address will be very obvious in their sight. Secondly, there are some small website love collection content, there are some joint title direct acquisition, so the domain name also appeared on their website Tiltle and other important position. There is some bookmarks, network favorites such as the title, will direct the content, of course, the weights of the domain name also indirectly improve, a high quality site is sure to attract people to come to the collection, can the appropriate use of bookmarks and favorites to promote your website, so the weight will be more. Fast.


in the choice of the domain name to use the old domain name, because this domain has a certain weight, timely website will be part of the weight of leave to do other content, this is the weight of the domain name itself. But the new domain is not the weight of the domain name, a large weight to a certain extent affect the introduction of Web site keywords ranking. Here to talk about how to improve the domain name weight.

like a lot of people published an article in the webmaster site with links, but these are often not related, according to my observation of the method of keyword ranking has no direct impact, the most direct impact is to increase the weight of the domain name, the spider to increase access to more timely update, snapshot. Many people think this kind of soft Wen can bring a lot of the chain, so as long as I write some articles website ranking will come up, in fact, this is not enough, this is a good method to improve a domain name weight, but also with the content of the chain and plenty of key words in text chain.

, a domain name address is written into the title

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