Shanghai has recently included sharp fluctuations in love cause analysis and Countermeasures of even

2: love Shanghai server failure


Some customers are responsible for

in June, love Shanghai "movement" has not been broken, but did not form a large-scale and substantial adjustment, thus affected sites are bad luck, self analysis may be the case for the site will lead to poor quality "". However, by the end of the month, namely June 24th, webmaster forum reflect website included sharp problem owners increased dramatically after the author’s personal experience and investigation, the 24 day update results show love Shanghai included on many sites were significantly reduced, so many owners complain incessantly, by the larger effect of website optimization.

the past love Shanghai appear every year included 1 to 2 times the sharp fluctuation events to the past proved to be the server problem, bring the hardware equipment failure, and optimization of the site itself is not. However, this condition is shown as between without signs of the night, so that the majority of owners and workers are unable to cope with the optimization of the incident, however, especially large-scale outbreak is concentrated in the 24 update, but there has been three or four days still not restored, illustrate this possibility at present is relatively small. We now have two days can observe, if next week still has not rebounded sharply to the average level of the past, that this might be the real thing.


1: love Shanghai algorithm is adjusting

Considering the

love Shanghai often in some sites included sudden fluctuation phenomenon, like the recent past "5.20" event, the annual similar events are basically not less than 2, but this time I really fell in love with the sea may be judged in adjustment algorithm is: this time the website is already adjusted as usual, not concentrated outbreak overnight, from this point I am responsible for several customers included in the site changes already observed this phenomenon. The concentration at the outbreak of the 6.24 day may be changed to a certain extent, the algorithm of a collective outbreak, so before a slight fluctuation is "line", so this possibility is quite large.

to the site since June has included start fluctuation, then the customer that is optimized to work I have done, but there is really suffering, but after investigation and analysis, I tell the customer that love is Shanghai’s own adjustment, has nothing to do with the optimization of the site, until after a few days ago love Shanghai large-scale adjustment of the outbreak, the customer of our previous judgment of convincing. In fact, love Shanghai because of its adjustment will often bring greater influence to many webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER, this time for the observation of personal adjustment after nearly a month, combined with previous experience that, roughly may have the following three reasons, and for these reasons and provide some countermeasures for everyone reference: