Shanghai senior strategy intangible Taiji

first, in terms of what we called the day, such as the ZAC blog, join Shanghai dragon industry early, and he knows that Shanghai dragon industry unspoken rule, clear rules. He knows how to optimize, but when we are going to study, or study the optimization strategy, have you noticed how: have you seen ZAC forum to have a chain? Have you seen ZAC to contribute the

then senior Shanghai Longfeng, so we spent some time on the Internet, should also know, just not carefully to find, or do you find what is the senior Shanghai dragon optimization, you understand the essence of the Shanghai dragon optimization, you may not be able to do, or even if you do may not be successful. Because the senior Shanghai dragon optimization is that profound invisible colorless, in fact there is a line of colored, but we are not aware of it. This is not an individual can do that, it is not a group can solve, it need to have any one of the following conditions, that is the day, geography, and three elements are indispensable,

several days did not write, I think this time a lot of Shanghai dragon Er personnel and some optimization work in K station do it this time too much I think you raise a Babel of criticism of the bloggers have one, so don’t mention that. Again thank Jiuzhuo blogger on the blog’s appreciation, and thank some bloggers to post comments. Thanks for your enthusiastic support, then the first two posts mentioned, Shanghai Longfeng primary with intermediate, then senior Shanghai dragon is how, how can we distinguish senior Shanghai dragon strategy, I think this is a very difficult problem, it is worth all the ER Shanghai dragon to ponder and research, only a person insights and case, a few small share only, not professional.


? !The first day of

if the day you are not accounted for, that is to Austria, Austria meaning is to have a good environment, a good environment, not optimization is optimized, the environment contains the following content (environment: celebrity, brand, money, etc.).

no, why his blog will win in the Shanghai dragon industry starting line; this is like astronaut Yang Liwei, why we can remember his name, because he is People’s Republic of China’s first astronaut into space. How can the second generation space people you know? Know? The third generation space people? You are not blurred? Is the second generation, third generation space is poor than Yang Liwei, we do not know; we only remember Yang Liwei, that’s right; but there are many ZAC, the why do we only remember a ZAC, that’s right, because he took to the starting line, so we first recognize him, this is an industry day. (because he is famous, has its own brand, even if he does not optimize your blog is not afraid of no ranking, this is no optimization)