Snapshot not update your website to increase causes and Solutions

this weekend I still in the A5 forums to find that a love of their own, to see a lot of passion in the webmaster, after a theory which saw webmaster FAQ, ask a question in which the tangle of countless stationmaster, aiming at the problem of me to express some opinions I hope to be able to help the webmaster.


three. If you are a web content weight >

two. If it is determined that the domain name DNS, then DNS is the conventional way of replacement, buy a domain name in your service business there, usually there are several DNS for your choice, for a taste perhaps is different in the sky, if you don’t want to replace DNS in the service business there, then go to search search engine, there will be a lot of intelligent DNS for your choice. If it is determined that the problem of space, I want to go to the appropriate choice of high credibility, quality and stability of the space is very necessary, but now the owners in the choice of space and do not understand what is a good space, quality and stability of the space, I will then introduce the webmaster for how to choose affordable and the price is right in Taobao space.


website snapshot not update is nothing more than: 1. DNS domain problems, sometimes causing the site open and open, the search engine is reduced to such a degree will be friendly website. 2. rental space, now the general webmaster for free of trouble, often hire foreign space, some of the interests of the owners covet small rent for a year only tens of dollars of space, I do not say that these spaces are not good, but I’m sure most of the content is not good 3. much repetition, small station willing to write myself, think and write a waste of time, so repeated articles appeared, repeated the influence of too many places, the search engine will think the site itself has a problem. The test period of 4. after the website is not over, if a weight is not very high website revision after perhaps website snapshot will not update in 1~2 weeks, but this may not be the site itself does not update problem. Why not updated snapshot is nothing more than the four points, the solution is very simple:


from the problem clearly is a week snapshot not update, included is increasing day by day, I see the answer is also different opinions, Pegasus star, in fact I think the website snapshot not update, included increased but not because the site was put in the sandbox, nor the site is down right but a development an opportunity.

. Learn the use of Ping, first determine the site in the end is the domain name DNS problem is the problem of space, can not find the host is the domain of the problem, find the IP return time out is a server problem, learned how to use the Ping analysis can proceed to the next step.