Summarize and analyze some reflection of a corporate Web site is located in Shanghai’s eleventh love

1, and maintain a calm state of mind to face this is the foundation, while the site is now down the right, how many troubles and unhappiness is still there, but we must also face the life, the boss questioned, and continue to love Shanghai blows, calm is the foundation.

2, actively doing the things that their subjective judgments, everything is based on love Shanghai rules, this is the key, although the love Shanghai algorithm, Mars has Scindapsus heard, but their site during the operation there are still some impatience and carelessness, such as a day to unrelated forums outside the chain keyword density, some is too concentrated, although the chain release platform more, but only from the wide degree didn’t stop down the right site because I have been aware of the correlation factors, but in action did not cause enough attention to quality, do not abandon this forum must correct direction.

3, analysis and summary, continue to complete each phase of the work. I have been content to their own original content, sharing the last time in the A5 collection is now 309 to 188 articles, were included to reduce the influence of the quality of website weight, although the original, may be due to love Shanghai traces too obvious that the optimization is considered cheating, but also in reducing the amount included the reason, this is a new problem I have found, later to be wary.

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4 or more high weight of the chain, attract spider to love Shanghai. At this point I think now the way of the chain must be new, for this spider can give a good impression, here the author in the choice of stationmaster net soft writing, analysis of their problems, but also provide a convenient way to restore the weights of the website, but can recover the author is trying, please continue to pay attention to, the follow-up will continue to share the results of the article try. Before the chain has been standardized, such as how many forums, blogs, are fixed, now eleven. I do not want to be too obvious, nature is the fundamental factor to improve the quality of the chain, increase the weight of high site recommended chain type, but the quality not quantity.

station of a company is the largest effort of a enterprise site is currently love Shanghai right down to eleven place, today I would like to use the A5 platform to share its recently for some sites, in the analysis of lessons learned at the same time, but also for their own further out of love of Shanghai eleven do a dilemma a reflection, we continued good gossip short entered, and self-examination site is located in Shanghai’s eleventh love points, the website is 贵族宝贝 network security technology key is confidential, left to love seafood to search confidential located just love Shanghai second page first, first look.

The author of the recent

the following detailed analysis for the website down right understanding and recent operation.