Shanghai dragon had to say about the secret EQ IQ EQ is more important than IQ

Shanghai has gradually become a dragon will master knowledge, in this field, both as ordinary individual owners by the individual learning of non professionals to improve their website optimization effect, more more and more to the optimization of professional occupation as a worker in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng service, thus the current popular website optimization the degree and extent of popular deep and wide. For all aspects of knowledge and truth are involved in the optimization, there are many professions in the continuous tracking algorithm system and the noble and love Shanghai baby, to be able to summarize the work can be optimized using the "guidelines". Who more and faster grasp of the search engine algorithm rules, so the theory is to achieve the best optimization effect. However, I think that in the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng process optimization, site optimization: to carry out the implementation of the EQ EQ is more important than IQ IQ. Why is there such assertions, please listen to my reason:

EQ has a high EQ webmaster do stand in the process, to adhere to their own standing target and ideal pursuit, especially the work stations that do not to be easy to fix, the most needed is the webmaster can endure loneliness, endure before the development period that can not see the hard times results and profit. Therefore, in this context, EQ EQ shows its practical significance for the webmaster has to achieve success and pursuit. If you just have a high IQ IQ people, probably due to unbearable hardships do stand life and chose to give up early, IQ play their advantage, become a "theorist", without good execution to the success of the webmaster. Only with a firm confidence, and not the thunder diligently strive after.

IQ theory

second: EQ = > EQ execution; IQ = a

The first

: EQ = > IQ EQ optimization mentality; calculating IQ =

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is different from other work, it is limited to the search engine algorithm adjustment and change constantly, and always in a passive one. Even as the experience of another rich Shanghai dragon ER to find out a search engine algorithm, match up, targeted optimization, may also be the problem of the search engine itself, such as the problem of love Shanghai occasional server failure and SITE command statement that lead to failure, the optimization effect is not achieved. It is planned to be unstable and disrupt the search engine. In this situation, if blindly emphasized the IQ intelligence master, only know how to perform optimization using both the algorithm rules, and do not know how to face the change situation calmly, develop the mentality to achieve optimization of free from arrogance and impetuosity, do not relax, no matter what being interference, still insist on do get established in accordance with the principle of renewal, so the mentality to better cope with the unstable changes of search engine, and not to worry about the lost cause, and even change the established optimization scheme, eventually lead to "gamble lost" results.