Under the new tax regime cross-border electricity supplier

A5 venture network news: from April 8th, China will implement a new tax on cross-border electricity supplier imports of retail goods, according to the goods in accordance with the customs duties and import value-added tax, consumption tax.

according to the new deal, a single transaction of cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods limit increased from 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan, individual annual transaction limit is 20000 yuan; 50 yuan duty-free parcel tax was canceled, according to the general trade in value-added tax and consumption tax shall be levied at the limit of 70%; within the temporary tariff rate is 0%; more than a single limit value, accumulated more than a single individual annual trading limit, as well as the single tax price of more than 2000 yuan limit of indivisible goods, in accordance with general trade tax in full.

a time startled splash, the new tax system this time will be in a cross-border business between the coming era giant mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

these two days a lot of people in the electricity supplier or scouring the sea platform shopping found that many businesses have played a new tax will be implemented, the price will rise or the label.

according to the survey, cross-border electricity supplier sales of the best commodities were: cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, daily necessities, health products, luxury goods and food. Most of these products are exempt from tax in the tax reform before the new commodity, changed after the implementation of face have to pay 11.9% tax, especially large impact on food, health care, maternal and child, daily necessities and other categories of products.

In addition

, such as beauty, skin care products and other goods category of tax rates have fallen. Overall, there is still a preferential tax rate than the traditional trade import mode. Beijing Daily reporter calculated that the tax price of 688 yuan Skincare Set as an example, after the tax rate is 50%, but the deal fell to 32.9%, according to the calculation of the future tax price of about 605 yuan, down 12.1%.

engaged in cross-border electricity supplier for many years, Zhang Xiaohong, director of the Shenzhen sea Amoy City, said: the new tax regime that cross-border electricity supplier import business dividend policy has ended."

and these two days of concern honey Amoy, has also been broke down.

honey Amoy now situation, may not be the first cross-border electricity supplier market, nor is the last one.

2014 honey Amoy fame, won almost all the entrepreneurial team expect even envy capital "victories". Within a year it gains a round of financing: Angel round, A round, B round. The C has stalled in the final round in front of the door, can not help but sigh.

over the past two years, 50 yuan of the following tax exemption and other policy dividends, leading to cross-border electricity supplier industry barbaric growth.

under the new deal, cross-border electricity supplier practitioners changed the rules of the game. Despite the fact that some of the high cost of overseas goods has just risen in the past, it is hard for entrepreneurs, but if the new policy is