Why is the K website, the main reason here!

Shanghai Longfeng optimization as important is the key, when the search engine included the site, the weight will gradually release the site keywords, with the construction of the passage of time and keywords, the search engine keywords on the site to generate trust, if the keywords often changes to the site, the site will affect the trust in the search engine the search engines can’t tell you what is the website, especially some completely unrelated keywords often changes, is most likely to lead to site is K.

, a chain of twoShanghai dragon


optimization webmaster all know, Links played in website optimization is irreplaceable, the high weight of the Links can bring some weights and visits to the station. But things always have two sides, Links can bring good side to your website at the same time, there may be a bad side to the site, a chain of friendly and bad, good friends of the chain can bring help to the site, while bad links will bring disadvantages to the natural site, so webmaster have a chain, often query as the saying goes, not afraid of the wolf as opponents, afraid of pigs as teammates and friends of the chain, most of the time, just like your teammates, so once your teammate was K, then your website ranking will be affected.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know, search engines love is "out of the ordinary, the one and only" content, the content is easy to get the favour of search engine, and repetitive content is very easy to cause the search engine antipathy, so if your site often collect information of others, leads to you the content of the website.

three, frequent modification of

content acquisition station Keywords

believe that many in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster has a web site by the experience of K, as everyone knows, if the weight of the site is k then it will affect the site and ranking, will ultimately affect the efficiency of enterprises, so how to avoid the site was K? First of all we should do is to find the site was k the reason, then an antidote against the disease before the lifting of the site was K, the crisis, and the specific impact of website operation, caused by what are the factors of K, let us go together with Xiaobian look at it.

four, excessive


many in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster in the optimization process just outside the chain, write and ignore the server problem, in fact, to know that a good server can bring to the site a multiplier effect, while a bad server will stop to go to a lot of detours. So how to choose the server? Construction sites in Tianjin – the rate of scientific and technological small advice you, the server must choose a stable, so the search engine spider to crawl, it does not appear the situation, also must choose not to be K the server, if the server is k, then the effect will leave not good for the search engine, website ranking and weighting.