The reason of original content website not included and Solutions

Another reason for the

3, avoid the use of sensitive words. Some people see the Internet a lot of cynical words, even can count on.

1, the new site is not included. If it is due to the new site not included is very good, mainly to continue to adhere to the original and do some outside the chain to attract spiders, will soon be included;

1, the theme is wrong. If a web site construction site, under normal circumstances can only be placed on the construction site or related science and technology aspects of the article, if out of order what beauty car sales like the article also put up, spiders of course not received;

2, The 3, there are signs of

site is K or drop right. If the site is K or drop right, included will certainly be affected. The most direct impact is the site of the article is not included, this is right down to a more serious situation;

website is down right. Guangzhou Qiyi network has encountered such a situation: This is usually 9 ~11 a.m. time, included time is 12 noon to 2 p.m., but if the days of the included time after 3 p.m., it should pay attention to whether the site has been down the right signs usually, webmaster tools can be observed to change your weight and ranking the first look at the rankings change trend, rankings and included there is no change, there is no snapshot update, then check the chain if there is a problem, if no problem, as long as the attention to improve the quality of the article and the length can be solved the.

website itself: the website is divided into several reasons:

2, the quality is not good. The quality performance in several aspects, one is the unreasonable structure, logical confusion or theme is not outstanding, with the accuracy of more and more high spider love Shanghai, love Shanghai for the judgment of the original is more precise, the article has not inferior crudely made into the spider’s "magic"; another is the the length is not reasonable, if published a few thousand words long, short of a few hundred words, published an article that is less than two hundred words, the spider will ignore your article as can be imagined by the.

site is not included in the original article itself, the following circumstances:

love Shanghai ranking stable website usually has two kinds, one is do not need to regularly update but the ranking is very stable, the other one is rely on every day to update the content and the chain of power to maintain the site’s ranking. Unfortunately, the small hands of one of the sites is behind this. Website content update is mainly the update, hard everyday just to update the content code please spider spider, but strange temper but still sometimes not included your article, is indeed a very depressing thing. Xiao Bian also often encounter such a situation, at the beginning, now less, they encountered and summed up some solutions to share with everyone.