The relationship and application of ALT text and pictures of Shanghai Dragon

stands in the perspective of the user experience using the ALT text will be better.

LOGO can use ALT text, as appropriate, embellishment of the site title or primary key, add more relevant.

is more suitable for ALT

ALT text has a certain effect on the Shanghai dragon, but you don’t in the ALT text under too much effort, its role with respect to effects of anchor text or friendship of Shanghai dragon is very limited, so it can be used properly. Don’t want to website beautiful website home page a picture, then use the ALT text as official word as to increase keyword density, so that you will The loss outweighs the gain. According to ZAC, ALT applied to the English website in the text if the effect is significant, if the Chinese website has little effect, also can make nothing of it to be specific, elegant.

like some of the sites for the pursuit of beauty, whether home or the content page are used more pictures, but very few words, search engine only to read not to recognize the map, so to some as much as possible to use the text can be considered ALT or a brief description of some description, like text link anchor text. Key words you want to appear. In the past two years, more and more sites or Shanghai Longfeng Er are so using ALT text, so as to improve the relevance of the website and the keyword density.

when browsing the web often found when the mouse on a picture of the text will appear in the comments, or some websites will also be displayed on the LOGO ALT text, this text is written specifically for ALT, notes the picture, because the search engine is currently unable to read the picture, so use the ALT text instead of images the code format, such as: < img; scr=" images/logo.gif" alt= "Qingdao Shanghai dragon" >.

in front of Qingdao Shanghai Dragon said, Shanghai dragon is ultimately to serve a good user experience, whether it is the search engine itself or as small owners, whether large or small and medium-sized enterprise portal website, the core current exploration of Web site operators are considering how to make the user experience. So, if you are using the ALT station text in the perspective of the user experience that I think the idea is right, when the user moves the mouse to a picture on the display immediately shows the picture you want it, but not for the arrangement of Shanghai Longfeng keyword ALT text written only in this way, the true value of only ALT text >

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the two search engine for ALT words began to pay more attention to the text, ALT is now mainly used to increase keyword density, can be understood as the ALT text is a web site of the title or title of the article, so ALT text should appear keywords to optimize, but also must be careful not to stack keywords problem.