Thinking and practice is the slow need to start early. Shanghai Dragon King

yesterday to a company to interview Shanghai dragon, the interviewer asked what is the one in Shanghai was caused by the thinking of this dragon?. Many people may have had this problem, what do you think is the Shanghai dragon? Many people will say Shanghai dragon is a network optimization technology, I think so at the beginning, so we are trying very hard to learn to imitate those predecessors and master in Shanghai dragon, the imitation and listening experience but now look back, Shanghai dragon is not only a technology, not only the learning of others, the most important fact of Shanghai dragon is thinking, is the most important practice.

We do

              Taobao customers need more blog support, do novel station is always to literary journal etc.. These are the outreach direction, and outreach methods also have thought, like you all listen to others to say how to get outside, such as blogs, but to know many blog post you made the search engine search engine is not included, this time you have independent thinking, why not included? "

in Shanghai Longfeng, imperceptibly to use this importance concept. In doing before we have to consider what we need to do a type of the station, to do that, to determine the profitable way. This is not Shanghai, to solve the problem, the problem is their own resources, a summary is the type of site type. This thinking is the most important, because it is not possible to feel today e-commerce will make a lot of money, in the electronic commerce, tomorrow found novel website also make a lot of money and turned to do flow station. In fact, this is the most wrong, if you are not sure of what to start, then is destined to fail, because you are not those well-known Internet companies, they have strong financial support. The industry is determined, is the establishment of the station, the site is to reflect the importance of thinking you have on the site early on identified frame, your website style, in the optimization before the separation of different sections. If in the late may modify the huge workload, even cause the search engine drop right, flow loss and other consequences. The next question to be solved is to determine the content of the website, what you have to do the long tail, long tail that is more important, so the long tail of customers often search, those long tail will bring traffic, determine what the long tail needs corresponding content to support the early to determine the good, if you send a, find a refined, a long tail, so late you might mess, chaos is not clear who had not paid, then. And there’s no guarantee that in order to do well in the chain! With content and chain is the work of outreach outreach, thinking is reflected in where? Do not spam outreach, before doing outreach to determine what methods, those more suitable for themselves and their industries, do enterprise stand optimization, release the supply of information outreach with the number of B2B industry website.

Shanghai dragon needs thinking