This is a new noble baby search results page click rate statistics

first appeared in the search results click rate statistics because in 2006 AOL leaked a lot of search data, some people from the AOL data mining search results page click rate:

a few days ago, IMN released a new noble baby search results page click rate statistics. The full name of IMN is Internet Marketing Ninjas, network marketing ninja, listen to the name to know what is not a big company, but the company’s founder Jim Boykin is one of the largest Shanghai Longfeng influence on me, his domain name is webuildpages贵族宝贝, his blog post is one of my most love to see. Now a year will not see him to write a post.

the lowest ranked keywords (twentieth) at least 440 clicks, the (first) 1>


although the sampling range is not large, but to achieve these conditions:


search results click rate is Shanghai dragon judge competition flow, roughly predict its own website of Shanghai Longfeng effect will use tools. Know roughly the rate click on the search results page of each result with the keyword ranking position and the number of searches, you can roughly understand the traffic can bring. Of course, the number of hits and search data is not very accurate, just a range and click rate with different industries have changed, so click on the flow of the computations is not very accurate, but as the estimation is acceptable.

the lowest ranked keywords (twentieth) is at least 34000 times more than the show, (first) 7 million 800 thousand

IMN is the latest statistics released this summer, data from the past 3 months (April to June), the 20 client website Search Console background keywords noble baby show, click, ranking data, each customer 1000 query words, a total of 20 thousand queries. These 20 thousand words show a total number of 60 million (only the first two pages), about 4 million clicks. 20 customers include different types of business and industry.

the lowest ranked keywords (twentieth) and at least 83 queries, the (first) 4000 query

AOL is the only data from a search engine of the real data, although accurate and authoritative, but now do not know there is no one in the AOL search? The search engine results page layout has changed a lot, graphic display, image / video results, a zeroth bit result, right advertising delete, map / local results and so on, will cause the change of the click rate, so in recent years often have different companies released the latest statistics.

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