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is also a case of Ouyang Chun, he at the micro-blog open a website he optimization method and some results, it was not long before the site put up Shanghai dragon training. I believe that micro-blog open optimization steps and achievements of a lot of people will be very concerned about, will go to his website, and always pay attention to the trend of this website, so tell me how many search engine users. The creation of user needs is to promote an important means of ranking ahead, don’t say it with Shanghai based Dragon Technology? That has nothing to do, people can think you want to do? This is the master of all strategies are to rely on strategies to promote the ranking, especially for the brand to write soft paper is such a master the.

because the basic things that take time, everyone can understand. At this time of everyone understands that must fight strategy, for the two Shanghai dragon circle famous case, first on Liu Huanbin, his website is reduced two times right, especially the second time, he made such a move, prize quiz: Shanghai Dragon Phoenix VIP the ranking will be back? This way leads to traffic in everybody, you know what this means? This is to tell the search engine of my website is a group of users, if you can’t find my love in Shanghai, the user is 360 to search or Sogou to find me, do not restore my site is your loss. When the site down right after taking the scarcity of practice is a good method for rapid recovery, in fact, this method is not like a similar strategy? With technology? Can you think of a good way to do

‘ll give you a webmaster more classic case, newbest soft history story is their website being thirty million acquisition, but the surprise is that people is actually used in Peru currency, 30 million Peru dollars worth only 300 yuan were issued coins. People in such a funny way to write text, or you can call this is a marketing strategy, but Shanghai dragon friends you can think of the way that you send? "

a lot of people say Shanghai dragon is a force to live, every day is to write an article, the hair of the chain, is a migrant worker in IT industry. In fact, not those who say such things really understand the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, or did not take Shanghai dragon and thorough understanding of network marketing. Of course it is every day in the article, the chain of Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly the community workers, is in the lowest level of people. Is a Shanghai dragon heads every are doing these things? Do these people can do Shanghai dragon head? It is impossible, the hair the chain that is the grassroots thing, the real Shanghai dragon master is the need to use the strategy, are based, because with the development of search engine. More than ten years, Shanghai dragon is also accompanied by the search engine development for a dozen years, there should be more mature. In order to find Shanghai Longfeng learning materials, everywhere, in fact, the threshold is very low, so the technique will be reduced to a foundation.