To explore the relationship between the weight and the weight of the website keyword

site is different from the keyword weight weight, weight lifting is not only the key to rely on the accumulation of weight lifting. Usually, many factors affect the weights of the website, such as server stability, website content updates, punishment, chain and so on, these are the influence of the weights of the website, and for the keyword weight, only covers the keyword can affect the site weight, for example: the chain anchor text, anchor text outside the chain. Keywords chain etc.. Perhaps here owners will feel they are the same, we give an example to explain:

keyword ranking is how to carry out the relevant website: general optimization process, first select the target keywords to do, to the station for the part of the target keywords, standing outside the chain, usually needs to be done on a key word to optimize a keyword which will, in this sense, its purpose is to improve the keywords throughout the site of the weight value, which is what we call the keyword weight increase. When a keyword into the home page ranking, we begin to the other is not in the front page of keywords, the same approach.

Let’s look at the

site keywords after the upgrade, because the keyword is the keyword of the website, naturally enhance the weight of the whole website. This is just like a class, and each keyword is equivalent to the class of students, when every student’s grades have improved, the whole class scores will improve. Because the class overall performance, is a superposition of the student achievement.

In turn, we look at the

air compressor (www.shunlico贵族宝贝)


website A, target keywords: air compressor, air compressor, air compressor accessories

when we do Links, will choose any word as the link name, select the corresponding target keywords, will increase the weight of the target keyword, and when we choose the name of the company, that is the site of weight. Chain or chain anchor text do when the situation is the same.

, when the goal of keywords to the home page, the website weight is improved, at the same time, for a relatively high weight of the site, and then other keywords (long tail keywords) optimization ranking is more handy. From this perspective, the weights of the website promotion, will also lead to weight lifting key.

When the weight of

also, for example: when we were on the station in.

study: the relationship between the weight and the weight of the web site keywords, we know that for a website, the keyword can be several, a dozen or even dozens, hundreds, the size of the site seems to have decided that the number of Web site keywords, general station for an enterprise, it will 3~5 target keywords, in addition to these target keywords, long tail keywords rest is a certain number of.

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