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do a good blog, an influential blog, how to do, how to do good rankings, establish the true brand, in my blog these days, in an effort to explore how to do a good ranking, here are some heart I hope.

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blog is easy to love Shanghai included, however, want to do good rankings, must want to fight a protracted war, after all, China’s 500 million Internet users mostly uses is the love Shanghai search engine, search engine optimization we have to do is love Shanghai, love Shanghai ranking. We all know that love is Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, since Robin Li had put love Shanghai brand to do so large, is not self smashing signs, love Shanghai K station storm shows that Shanghai’s attitude: love in various ways will not tolerate low content of cheating to occupy the site search ranking behavior. So we wouldn’t bother looking for loopholes search shortcut, this is not feasible. Do blog, must have patience, adhere to a daily blog, do some outside the chain, but do not overdo sth. not blindly, in order to increase the weight over the hair of the chain, it would be counterproductive to love Shanghai that you are cheating. Write some good articles, so that more people are concerned, they will forward your article to help you do the chain. The maintenance of the blog, is a long process, some people can quickly do the top, but for many couples, website promotion using the blog platform, is most in need of peace of mind, not too much attention to the rankings, as long as the content well, believe that the ranking is only a matter of time.

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keyword is a course of each Shanghai dragon must learn ER, good keywords ranking is key to do, on the choice of keywords and use of the rules, I wrote has been in the "how to make it fast included" in the article, need to know you can go and see. Do blog, blog name for the best keywords can be easily optimized, that is not so dense frequency of keywords in Shanghai love search, and then choose to comply with potential users search habits to optimize the long tail keywords, do the optimization of the long tail keywords do well, the situation will be better included, and included the page number, the weight will also have the opportunity to increase the natural ranking will follow. But the emphasis here is on the blog plate there is a strong correlation and the choice of the theme can be a small branch under the theme, the whole blog layout, the layout of the keywords to form a system of trunk network, this is not only easier to let the spider to grab more pages, it can make your blog pages clean and organized, easy to make the visitor interest in the promotion of leveraging the effect will be better.