Examples of keyword stuffing and Solutions

is the most authoritative example of keyword stuffing and solution (Figure), the most authoritative analysts began to analyze before the station, when I started to get this page is read, the first impression is the keyword density is quite high, I do not use the software to calculate, I only see the next, I use the 360 is the browser, I use OMEGA search and highlight found OMEGA frequency is very high, of course, we can not easily see here that led him to that question. Then, we move the mouse to the 贵族宝贝24biao贵族宝贝/? Product-669.html (below 669 place) this page on the picture, what you see



is a keyword stuffing optimization means early before, can not say that he can’t use, just say that it is not a good control, like a mountain, you work just fine, then you will have a good one-sided, will become a little bit a little cheating, may lead to drop right, and each search engine segmentation leads to different computing density will be different, so only using the stack keywords to do ranking is not easy, but also very easy to crash, when your site has a lot to do with the high density of the search engine does not give you the ranking page, you will be standing K possible and if you pile enough may look like the noble baby search engine would not give you.


reactor has a relatively embarrassing problem that each search engine segmentation method is different, so he calculated the density results are different, we can go to the 2 noble baby search keywords OMEGA sports watch above we speak (this is a pile of bricks, the less) in love in Shanghai good, let’s look at a keyword in the noble baby: OMEGA mechanical watch (which is more noble in the stack) baby ranking is good, but love is not found in Shanghai. Found no problem, just the opposite is

is a OMEGA keyword: mechanical watches and each picture has such keywords, but also are the same. For everyone to see a map of


the two page of the same

The ? part

this is he better page ranking in the screenshot, you see what is the difference? The biggest difference is the number of the station, if you let me from the optimization perspective to evaluate, or let me tell him how to optimize, my answer is the result of accumulation of keywords.

effect also is such, we should find out the problem. So this time should be a lot of people will ask, this page 662 is the same, why he can get good rankings, but not 669? Good question we look at picture 662 screenshots of the