Love Shanghai in search results Chinese symbol English how do you see

personal feeling, may be the largest decrease with impact on the search results, some independent of the symbolic meaning of the shield. There are several such benefits:

of course this is just my own view point, what do you think? May wish to discuss with me, recently in the operation of brand muddle headed network www.mengxx贵族宝贝, found a lot of love Shanghai law of things, we can talk about.

love adjustment in Shanghai recently very frequent, such as the 6.28 update, love Shanghai search sitelink, medical record information such as add. But recently, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Pengfei found that the search results of title containing Chinese semiangle sign, part to English semiangle sign. For example, Pengfei’s blog:


punctuation? We all know that

2, for the accumulation of characters, words generated meaningless contents has the ability to recognize love Shanghai, love Shanghai will think they are garbage, punish.

1, owners need to consider what symbol segmentation in the title, such as "_" / "|", because they will fail, the effect is the same, Shanghai has been able to love as a web page to define a title, rather than follow the webmaster write title.

(picture content page source and love Shanghai search results together, convenient view)


image can be seen, love Shanghai has Chinese punctuation into English punctuation, the same situation also appears in the Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝, Baidu guide贵族宝贝 and other famous sites in Shanghai dragon. The situation, only the transformation of some common Chinese punctuation comma, full of English punctuation. Why love Shanghai search results to convert