Mad men the relevance of Shanghai Dragon

search engine is designed to allow users to search for relevant keywords to quickly find the content of interest in the vast network of the world. The search engine to determine whether a content is not of interest to the user, is to determine the content of his search keywords and whether the correlation is high, the content is more likely to be of interest to the user, in order to give the users want, natural ranking on the former. In order to explain this question, here is a real world example:

in the real world, we judge Doctor Wang is not Niubi doctor, from several aspects: 1. Doctor Wang himself is great doctor; 2. a lot of people say Doctor Wang is great doctor, even many doctors especially the medical industry authority said the doctor is a doctor doctor Wang Niubi; 3. very busy, cure a lot of patients received a lot of banner Difficult miscellaneous diseases. The first point, we think the Doctor Wang may be fucking doctor, or may not, because it may boast. By second, the certification authority, Dr. Wang may be the doctor’s probability of Niubi increased a lot. By third points, in fact, we can be sure that the doctor is Doctor Wang niubi. If someone wants to find niubable doctor, then you know that he is actually looking for doctor wang.

if there is a doctor Li, Zhao doctor, doctor, doctor sun money to meet these three conditions, and how to sort? It is also very simple, for the three conditions each specify a value, then according to the doctor the.

determinants of a page with a keyword relevance is not so simple, because it is the core technology and top secret search engines, others can not easily know. It is said that Google is only three to five people know Google complete correlation algorithm, this course is also suitable for other search engines. That is to say, we can not thoroughly understand the relevance of search engine algorithm. But don’t be discouraged, although we have no way to thoroughly understand the correlation algorithm of search engine, but from the perspective of the purpose of search engine is not difficult to introduce some rules.

Niubi doctor

is Shanghai dragon correlation


in the search engine to search for a keyword, usually return the number of pages, these pages in a relatively fixed order for us to read and click. This hits greatly affected the entries represent the website traffic. As the site organizer, certainly hope website profit. But no matter how you make the website profit, traffic is the foundation. To improve website traffic, make your site entry ranking will be a good and effective method — this is the main goal of Shanghai dragon. We decided to put items ranked in order of factors called correlation, correlation of the higher ranking on the former. It can be said that Shanghai is actually the relationship between Dragon let website pages and a large number of people search keywords establish high correlation, website traffic naturally improves.

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