From the 10 aspects of Shanghai dragon essence

2, the exchange Links adhere to similar sites plus original. A lot of sites to exchange Links regardless of the type of website, only to exchange, according to the weight of the so-called love Shanghai and high PR as everyone knows, the Links on the website called weight lifting is meaningless, if it is only in effect, to effectively enhance PR. The other is Links text don’t use the same keywords, long tail keywords or can use the high correlation keywords, the author thinks that the key part of the chain description text can be maintained at around 60%.

3, just outside the chain of good nature. A lot of friends in the chain, often published or meaningless reply posts and outside the chain, but this chain does not bring any effect to keyword ranking. Published articles and the reply also need to pay attention to quality.

recently, precisely for nearly four months, Shanghai love to update more chaos. Often there will be handmade, dedicated website is K, which makes a lot of grassroots Adsense is very disappointed, I also feel some. The road network site meal from the weight of the first 4, once the K are not even home, finally directly dial hair, the so-called love joined the Shanghai black list.

can save every day and night with the loss of the site, after being K, so I become more careful, for fear of an offended love Shanghai, lest in the website on the doomed eternally, so every day adhere to the original content update, the author in the previous article, "adhere to the original update, build quality" in the website had a single author, it is not this burden. Today I want to own more engaged in the Shanghai dragon three years experience what is the real Shanghai dragon, not, I hope you understand, but also look forward to put forward different opinions.

But I firmly believe that

5, the website structure and.

1, regularly regularly update the original article, the spider adapt to each site needs a process, this process is to see whether you have to update the rules. Try to choose in the morning update 9-11, because the spiders crawl more frequently.

I think the real Shanghai dragon is " no Shanghai dragon". Why? I really look at the major sites, rankings, included good most of the sites are not deliberately to do Shanghai Longfeng, there is no man-made Shanghai dragon. I have had a station done experiments, found that the site just fill in the description and the title information can be simple, do not write the keyword is no big deal, still have a good ranking. The author sums up what is "Shanghai dragon":

4, multiple high quality original articles. Such as direct investment to engage in A5, Chinaz, 45Fan etc.. Note: before submission, if we cannot guarantee that your site quickly included, to avoid A5, Chinaz and other high weight website, because if you do, your site article becomes pseudo original.