Analysis on the local tourism website how to avoid the influence of Scindapsus love Shanghai updated

a large number of articles appeared in various contact


, a website with tourism promotion of soft outside the chain delete

first, responsible for local tourism website owners will own website with the promotion of the soft chain removed, by comparing the four case love Shanghai 2 update notice given algorithm Scindapsus, if there are similar or types of pages can be deleted, I think there are the following several soft outside the chain need to delete are not with soft, don’t promote nature and content with various contact, not too deliberate, plus URL content in obvious hyperlinks, in the face of this chain need to be deleted, it is best not to appear outside the chain, otherwise it will be affect the algorithm.

at present, Shanghai has been updated 2 Scindapsus love algorithm, for some sites is undoubtedly a profound blow, however, many local travel website in optimizing website released outside the chain of many soft properties, including tourist routes, tourist attractions, travel agencies, domestic and international tourism soft outside the chain, released the platform also includes news source, quiz, blogs, and love Shanghai announcement on the case is not much, but this kind of soft outside the chain if responsible for tourism website owners not prepared, when the 2 came into effect after the Scindapsus algorithm will give the local tourism website brought certain hit. Therefore, in order to cope with and resolve in a timely manner affect the 2 algorithms, the webmaster should timely make correct and make the correct method of chain. Following on from the local tourism website the author of how to avoid the influence of Scindapsus love Shanghai updated algorithm 2.

for example, the author has been released in the chain for Guizhou tourism website, at the time of the release of the money to buy some news sources to release some with a variety of contact, multiple URL, obvious hyperlink text, this kind of soft Wen to see that this is the obvious promotion of soft outside the chain, then this day in Shanghai after the 2 Scindapsus algorithm, need to make certain solution, so I want to see the chain of tourism website, put some chain similar all removed and will love Shanghai snapshot deleted, although this method is very tiring, but later deleted on the website of the benefit is great. >

with various love Shanghai continuous improvement of the algorithm, algorithm 2 has been updated to love Shanghai green, the green algorithm 2 mainly for some sites everywhere publish promotion of soft outside the chain, and the 2 algorithm will increase the filtering Scindapsus soft outside the chain of efforts to increase the punishment, to the target site to carry out the appropriate punishment for release bearing the soft site and cleaned up some news sources in the website after the entry into force. Love Shanghai official also issued a notice, do not want to let your site be affect the algorithm 2, the webmaster to the site in question as soon as possible to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, and obvious promotion of content removed love Shanghai news source, the algorithm should really as can be imagined Scindapsus Daxian supernatural powers.