Analysis of several reasons to love Shanghai website right down

1, after the website snapshot not update

often update the inside pages, page will be updated, but this situation may be not smooth and home page content links caused by search engine is not timely to grab the front page or home page long time not updated in the content page to do some internal links page links, then add some of the home Links improve weight >

4, the content included normal, page snapshot of

this is the case, there are 2, 1, is the new sites, search engines need to your site after approval, to release more pages (not right down), 2, the old station is right down, only the home page, right down, you need to look for your own website what happened in the past, such as the link group, Links is K site, content acquisition, modify title keywords, revision, what if nothing, which is the connection problems, think about the link, too much, you need to delete some. (right down, need to find the reasons, to solve the problem of

did not change

2, website snapshot update, search keywords snapshot time inconsistent

this situation is very common, everyone in different search keywords, snapshot date is not the same, the search engines crawl the site, to be arranged different keywords, keywords are stored in the index database in different, because the database is not in the same room, out of sync, more new not so comprehensive, affect the snapshot time. Is a normal phenomenon, friends do not have to worry about (not right down). Tips: yuan, a push, push super version of network marketing training enrollment, want to participate in the network marketing of Shanghai dragon training and see more of the friend, please SE0 yuan or a push search. Please keep the reprinted copyright information.

3, not only included the home page, including content (or site: love Shanghai only one page)

love Shanghai right down to the majority of owners, is a terrible thing, ranking disappear, included a large number of reduced, snapshot stop updating, more serious is the hair, these are my friends don’t want to see the results, in a push and see a lot of Valley love Shanghai right down, Yuan said a few love Shanghai right down to several cases, some of them are not love Shanghai right down, you know, don’t be so worried about is

version of the site to turn over for some friends are met, our revision has 2 purposes, one is for a better user experience, two, increase the site, improve the ranking, we must be in second, if your site traffic is very large, even if the user experience is not good, which is not necessary revision, improvement then on the basis of the original. If we are after the revision, the search engine will recognize you, because the face has changed, the search engine needs to accept the new face for you in a certain period of time, it will drop right for a period of time, the new face recognition. But as long as keep the original content and links can be updated normally. (if right down, will soon be restored)