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and 23 station is a two-way link, the other is the cross link.

cross link resource

station group type in 12-13 is out of the limelight, reason is that the algorithm dimension is small, the backbone or super calculation method, the other is just auxiliary. So the age group from voting or drainage, has an indelible contribution. But in the 14 years after 17 years now, the voting link is more and more small, and the core purpose stations is the main drainage guide website user experience a high degree of data, these data is the guarantee of the rankings.

site outbound links, for Links words, not what the absolute number, generally not more than 25, less influence you do is if your site weight is high, so, people will find your weight high, then 25 or so, great value. You consider the weights will be distributed, no must consider, is a relative concept. How much you are, people will be how much you link your scattered to the people, people will be distributed to you, so do not excessive pursuit of this, combined with their own site in moderation.

The following example:

1. wheel chain mesh 2. mesh 3. mesh


fourth: link form is divided into

Links can be divided into: 1. page Links 2. directory and Links.

the above 5 kinds of circumstances, should be combined with the site of your own sex, such as the correlation between the 24 sites, rankings, included, outbound links, snapshot.

third: the site is divided into:

: the first ecological network link

fifth: the network link can be divided into:


is mainly based on the relevance of the website, and the website ranking links to each other.

network links, can be divided into 5 types to do.

This situation is 1




2. single link

do these links are the starting point, according to: (1) the ranking (2) between the site and site (3) some of the special needs of their own website.

An enterprise

1. navigation links between 2. friendship links between

is the link map website…… ..24.

two-way link

websites generally do net station links, so can direct traffic unlimited.

second: Links

I wish everyone a happy year of 2017 chicken

chain wheel situation