Analysis of the causes of drug Arabic website ranking first

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maybe you think you could do it, yes, but it is difficult, you do not have him so many resources.

on the page, I read his page article is false, adding a few home page anchor text links in the article. The home page is an update to the (he rarely updated the article), plus the friendship link. The next time navigation, so a station can do many keyword ranking home page. Please see:


for Arabic personal views, of course, maybe you are different, do not speak well please paizhuan. In this paper, by the weight loss drug list www.tbjfcp贵族宝贝 webmaster artikujt starting A5, please keep the link.

station is a single page station, in 2009 December established, now a year and a half, when Jiang Hui began to training for a long time, because he was the first to do this type of station, so that soon the ranking is first, and he has been with the station to publicity, and that when many people are making money, will see what the station can make money. Novice join after for a long time according to the method to do, certainly this study would stand to lose weight, it will go to the webmaster of this station why ranking is so good, so in this station the first surface and the inside pages will stay a lot of time, and the SE will consider the station user experience good. So to this very high weight station. This situation with his propaganda efforts, the research stations were also more and more, of course, the user experience better ranking; it is getting better.

Now many people always

guest webmaster (especially slimming promotion). Now know the word diet pills is ranked first in the WHO station, this station is at the founder Jiang Hui, now artikujt to analyze why the station in Shanghai ranked first in love so long.

why, now many of his students, there are a lot of the single, there are a lot of students will be free for the promotion of one or two; plus he wrote some original articles by the Shanghai library collection of love, with his students will be reproduced, the chain is not his own hair. So, this station has also been ranked very good.