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I am a special biology feminist

equality is not the same as "


equality is "respect different"


I’m against a part of speech and social media to preach that women should talk to men, complete liberation, dare to give up, you can’t, not marriage. Very radical faction, said you do not have children, all of your eggs nutrition is to their own, you see you will be very beautiful after the old.


is really ah, life is that you own, no hormones share to others, young boys and girls the same, it will be very beautiful, but so what? On this biological inheritance of


I think I’m a special biology feminist. Equality is not the same, equal respect is not the same, is to respect you as a woman, I am a man, respect for their different, that is equal. Biological female is to bear a great responsibility, women don’t want to have today, not because she can’t bear, or she does not want to bear, but because society does not give her a worthy of her family and make her feel "a safe environment" after the birth of a child I.

if I have a child, the community gave me a lot of support, the company gave me a lot of support that you take your maternity leave to go, pregnancy will not buckle your money, then why don’t I?. Because today is the social metamorphosis, so there is such a group of people to support the theory, but behind it the essence behind the behind is a butterfly effect, we can not see the appearance, the statement that those men anyway, had run, as they live more comfortable…… I don’t think it’s right.


we do "aunt", I more and more deep cognition for women, deeper understanding of their distress and.

my company is (in pregnancy) all paid, exactly the same, how much money you get before you take a lot of money today, a lot of money, will not give you what kind of salary performance salary wage bonus. As long as you are pregnant women, we are particularly good for you, as long as you come to menstruation, you do not have to me prove you come, the body is not comfortable you go to rest, take the wages you can go. But you find that trust is mutual, when you really care for them, they will not abuse this right, they will stand with you on a front.

sometimes I think of women in the workplace inequality, from the owner of his own employees as an additional cost, he think you every month to menstruation days that is inefficient, prepare pregnant and pregnancy is low, after the birth of a child is a problem, so that some are is the cost of his, he did not see you as an asset. The second point is that he put his daughter