10 ways to make money using TwitterDifferent after 90 Entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is another way

Twitter’s money making method. Ask a simple question, such as, "where can I buy a iPod headset?" if a Twitter user sends this message, he gets answers from his followers. In other words, if they are in contact with each other, the person may get a reply to the person who sells the headphone cleaner.

, the world’s 500 best company, thinks they understand the Internet, but that’s not the case. They think they need to follow the micro blog marketing to keep pace with the "Web 2 era". Do not believe the big company will do such a thing, American Airlines and Lufthansa try to build their own social network, but failed.

3 and Twitter can conduct brand promotion for the world’s top 500 companies

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if an entrepreneur was born in 1990, he is now 24 years old, and his life is less than 1/4 of a century. Take time as the standard, a generation of entrepreneurs out of a single, placed under the microscope to observe, it is inevitable that a fuss too much. But China’s 90 is indeed worthy of such treatment. "Our research suggests that the post-90s generation is a unique phenomenon in china. In Europe and America, there is also a difference between generations, but the difference is gradual." In other words, China’s "90s" is a unique generation, DDT consulting human management partners, specializing in the issue of 90 Wang Tuoxuan said.

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people search with shlf1314, YAHOO, MSN, and how to make money using search engines, when people search for products and services.

makes Twitter become Qian Shu, just as search engines do. Relevance is important. Expressing approval or opposition to the information issued by the supplier is a good first step in the relevance. This will make marketers no longer send irrelevant information, and shlf1314’s quality score have the same effect.

with the decline of traditional marketing, marketers need to create demand and generate benefits through new marketing tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Here’s how you can use Twitter to make money.

"too young too naive" too young, too naive". The line comes from the Chinese partner, which is based on the pioneering story of Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, and tells the story of three start-up partners. If after 90 entrepreneurs see here, perhaps excited people directly to the screen to throw eggs. What’s wrong with youth? Youth just means limitless imagination. In mid April 2014, initiated by the host well-known international venture investment capital IDG campus entrepreneurship competition in Tsinghua University, the launching ceremony, IDG Capital Partners Li Feng said, a campus e-commerce company they just investment, was founded by three undergraduate students, two of them before the graduation season. As for investment reasons, the first is "we like young people."."

went back to the 90s of the last century and remembered the time when every company

, of course, they’re a generation that has grown up with the internet. 90 after the growth of mentors, in addition to parents, teachers, society, but also with an internet. The Internet broadens their horizons so that they can derive nutrients from the best cases, see various possibilities, have ideas, and practice immediately. Chen Zheng, who was born in 1994, was the smallest entrepreneur in our interview who started his own business as a wood flooring business


look at these more cool, more drag, more two, younger, but never hard to force the 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is their other way of life

2, for job seekers and recruitment units to build bridges,

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, a pioneering story in the film, was the epitome of Yu Minhong’s generation born in the 1962. Generally speaking, 90 generations of parents, mainly after 60. These people are now present China the pillar of society. Most of them have the ability to provide their children with a good living environment and educational conditions. The complete condition of the hardware of life makes the 90’s have greater freedom of choice, and can stride forward towards the realm of his ideal, without having to climb up like a parent in the gap between ideal and reality. Such treatment, but also a loss of the 80 and 70 of the force after the pain does not have.

, so you see why shlf1314 is keen on buying Twitter, why publish shlf1314 recommendations allowing users to rate search results and comment?. It turned out that shlf1314 knew that social media was its biggest rival.

went to the community English see this article today about the translation, and share with you! English is not very good, laughed, which are not appropriate, please advice…… How to make money with Twitter? The problem is worth 1 billion dollars. How to generate economic benefits through Twitter is important for Twitter, and it’s important for Twitter users, and it’s also important for marketers around the world.

Like Craigslist,

can publish job information on Twitter over very low fees. Users can choose the relevant job information they need.


1, answer questions about products