Mingcheng sequence enterprise website home page keywords how to layout

head is the site of the highest weight position, is also the most important keywords in the head arrangement. Title, keywords and Description are placed in the head, remove the three important tag, you can use the meta name=" author" to increase keyword density, metaname=" robots" to tell the search engine spiders crawling the page allows.

The main

Links is divided into two blocks, placed the station Links and home Links, the key Links put blocks in the station Links, pointing to the external links only home. Why? Is mainly to improve the weights of the home page, all at the bottom of the page have anchor text to the website, but there is no point.


websiteThe subject is an important part of


joined the enterprise site in this industry there are a few months, feel in the company to optimize the knowledge learned to rely on much spare time than before to learn more of the minor. In the establishment of the industry most contact is enterprise station, usually optimization list also to enterprise main station. Here I talk about is how the layout of the enterprise web page keywords. These are the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, it helps to see, can be over.

In addition

enterprise website head also includes LOGO and telephone, logo can use the ALT tag to comment, to increase keyword density, the authors often see some companies to use H1 tag in LOGO, tell the search engine framework of the entire site from LOGO, this method in the end there is no use to be fine. There are some enterprises on the head banner write a paragraph including keywords, do to increase keyword density function, but not how to deal with the surrounding pages of harmony, will affect the page appearance, the authors do not recommend this.

at the bottom of the site is used to place the Links website and copyright information, we can keywords in the bottom arrangement is mainly reflected in the website, all add anchor text keywords website to website. Write the copyright information will be embedded in the page and then keywords.


web site keywords layout, enterprise homepage has a enterprise introduction, we can arrange the site keywords in profile, keywords can anchor text point to the home page. We often see some enterprise stand and not natural keywords arranged in the introduction, but for the optimization and optimization will introduce embedded keywords rote, which statement is unreasonable, I think we don’t try to optimize the optimization. A web site for people to see, not look to the search engines, and enterprises are not allowed to put the company into it, this is the reputation of the enterprise

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