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net Internet Shanghai dragon today teach you how to optimize the use of resources related to love Shanghai website, everyone knows that the weight of love Shanghai product itself is very high, and many Shanghai dragon ER people are having sex in Shanghai optimization, how can not first please love Shanghai, Xiao Bian also tried every net interconnection please mind to love Shanghai, but love Shanghai related products chain is now more and more bad to stay, but can keep up with them, is a long-term stable high quality links, today Xiaobian teach you how to fix the Internet to love Shanghai products chain and some relevant matters needing attention:

than in previous years, the chain that is very good to stay single, from the beginning of the 11 year, the rate of the chain is greatly reduced, basically you send the chain is difficult to pass, is love Shanghai to do user experience, avoid a lot of advertising to mislead consumers, so we often see some people do know what to say, I see the nickname QQ or look at my space like, really is not the way, is there really no way? Net Xiaobian after finishing on the Internet this method can greatly improve the pass rate, ask questions through the way, is actually very simple, on the mobile phone. Ask questions, the rate is very high, answer, we must pay attention to, don’t let the trumpet to answer, as far as possible the whole several more than 5 numbers, this time must have a strategy, don’t give an irrelevant answer or too advertising The add links in the reference, the recent also check would be strict, but now the use of Internet is small net method to add links on this question, through the good point, note it is between question and answer, IP, answer words as long as possible this is conducive to the orderly, become the recommended answer, of course also can build a team to know.

love Shanghai encyclopedia, small net interconnection is that a high quality chain is the most practical, the editing ability requirements are very high, the Shanghai Encyclopedia for love Wikipedia articles of entry are very strict audit matters mainly write encyclopedia is to avoid the use of the first person, from a subjective point of view. Think of yourself as a third person to write your entries, so pass rate will be much higher, the best in reference to add your link.

sex Shanghai library is to do brand promotion and the chain is quite effect one way, a lot of people through the audit is not troubled, love.

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Post Bar now basically become spam flooding the place, basically just what it can see, Post Bar chain is best built Post Bar, apply for the Lord himself, with their own brand keywords and then posting replies when coupled with your web site, the same note above the reference, pay attention to some of the provisions of Post Bar and some sensitive words, avoid lengthy advertising.

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