Pei Tao site and domain snapshot time inconsistency

is not a long time to see your Yichang website optimization on this website, today suddenly site and domain, we found a problem, site:+ domain and domain:+ domain name love Shanghai snapshot time inconsistency, and the front page of domain dropped to second place, before listening to friends discussed this issue, but their not met. Here in this situation: humble opinion, directly below the above:

said that site and domain of the 2 instructions, site is a senior internal command love Shanghai search, once the correct site command, love Shanghai search program all the data stored in the web site of the call, by comparison, abandon the same page, the latest snapshot of the station all the entries page, so the site site is the latest snapshot, forever, and is the only. Domain is that we love Shanghai related domain, and my understanding of domain is to check all keywords containing the target web page included in.


Yichang Shanghai dragon love Shanghai domain home page snapshot time

we take a look at the 2 sets of system of search engine, an information management system and the other one is the information index system, information management system is responsible for the capture of the website URL address and title, description and analysis of the return status code. The latter is mainly responsible for the indexing of the content on the website, including website ranking. The general situation of the 2 systems are mutually independent operation, the national ranking and the need to consider a variety of sensitive words, which the server updates the time difference, the new station should be more obvious, spiders crawl frequency is not enough, the ratio of weight index page, as well as new instability may occur this kind of situation. I want to say you may know why sometimes we see the site+ domain name and keyword ranking time is not consistent with it, in fact, domain and site are not consistent, I think that to love Shanghai there is a necessary connection database. In a previous post I have talked about how to treat the related domain in the

1. if site and domain snapshot synchronization then your site has a certain weight in the love of Shanghai, a snapshot of the synchronous search engine is almost a more important indicator.

2. if the site snapshot time than domain time, this is new sites will appear, and the construction of the chain of the collection site of URL but because the weight is not enough to cause the index updates slow crawl speed.

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we can capture some information from this phenomenon: