Love Shanghai reincluding The path winds along mountain ridges. like Taobao


? Don’t love Shanghai with Taobao secretly shake hands? It makes Qingdao Shanghai dragon remember Robin Li said Taobao screen love Shanghai may be worried that included the C2C trading platform love Shanghai upcoming (is also recently closed Shanghai love ah, because of Taobao) no threat, so Taobao allowed to love Shanghai included, but on the contrary, the love of Shanghai can ignore Taobao, Taobao not included you can give me love Shanghai point to reduce the pressure on the server. After all, I love Shanghai. This is the Qingdao Shanghai dragon casually speculation. However, I still remember once a Shanghai Dragon Master said (I think it was mentioned in the book ZAC), the robots instruction is just tell the search engines don’t like or can do, but not absolute, it is the so-called "non absolute"


last night with the netizen Meng Zi (Meng Zi Qingdao Shanghai dragon is to talk to a friend in Qinhuangdao, when the guests do know Taobao) chat, he said that Taobao released love Shanghai shield, I said oh? A little surprised, because since 08 years Taobao screen love Shanghai banned spider love Shanghai included had trouble is the Internet and raise a Babel of criticism of, a major event, has no less than 360 this year, with the battle of QQ. How Taobao suddenly allowed to love or love how Shanghai included Shanghai included Taobao? The Internet "fire and ice" is blending? I asked Meng Zi, how do you know this news, Meng Zi said, is that users in a group.

we see love Shanghai really included Taobao included, the total reached more than 280 thousand (included more than two level domain name, and shop) is the latest snapshot, but let me very puzzling is that when I see the Taobao robots.txt file, is still the love Shanghai spiders are forbidden state, such as:

Qingdao Shanghai dragon with the site command to check (Figure):

about love Shanghai reincluding Taobao’s tens of thousands of shop, Qingdao Shanghai dragon also found that some brand shop is directly in the ranking, such as: "love Shanghai in search of lemon Green Tea" "starry" "Zhou Dafu" and other words, their Taobao store directly in the page or the position. Does this mean that Taobao store later can also be used as the optimization object of Shanghai dragon? Whether we can put a single Taobao store like optimization site as added to his chain, to improve and increase the original shop in Shanghai in the weight of love, improve website ranking

This is why ?A


others found a bit of speculation and comments of their own, seemingly love Shanghai and Taobao officials have not responded to this incident, don’t know exactly why the expert know this incident and The path winds along mountain ridges. if there is to know a friend, you can come to my blog, 贵族宝贝>