Discussion the steam website user experience how to do


caught on, how to embody it? To study the multiple models, the models of every key, then take out step by step on. For the data collection, for the sake of users attempt to learn to think that way, for a professional analysis. We observe my website, is actually a template to do it, and some brothers and sisters say love, not afraid of sea K your station? The reason is very simple, the same template, and too many industries, see template good, just copy, template, there are too many. China Internet era, we are lack of innovation and independent thinking, the topic pull away. Our website reflects some


girl before doing the website, website templates and revised repeatedly modified into seem simple website, at that time, the website and all the same, are several models with website optimization, while once again found the street shopping stores, I bring an idea, why can’t we a model to do a website? Shop like that, to become a monopoly model, the line of thinking, is not straight up the user experience? Then we all see the hands of many website girl. Of course, some brothers and sisters will ask why, do others do the same thing, will gain different results.


is the car, whether to go to that, need to see the picture, and now the steam industry website, the picture is simply what leather plaster, watermark, what phone, what brand ah! I couldn’t see it, so, until >

often books in some forums, see the user experience of this argument, just read it, but found that very few people will go to the deep thinking and execution. These are other industry parlance, there are few for special vehicle industry user experience that the user experience tightly only their own speculation, speculation and re adjust, in the blog wrote about the girl actually saying too much user experience. Take out today continue to take this topic, if feel very dull.

share three, 1. 2. 3. seize the key to reflect the key breakthrough key.


Seize the key

yesterday due to no power plant, to come to work today, so we do not see my article yesterday, do you feel what a little narcissistic feel shy yesterday?. Subject: an article written before: Talk: special steam website user experience how to do, talked about a few points, these points are all clear. Read before writing the article, but found little brothers and sisters, really do. Just read well. People often ask if you say these, all day long, useful? Can help people? I believe? Do? These problems, some really do not know how to reply to you, but to write some useful things (this is what he thinks, if you feel a little help to please tell me your message), hope to promote the optimization of industry development of a little steam.

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