About 6.28 love Shanghai large K station and reflection of the truth


love Shanghai for spam is given:

love Shanghai for high quality news station are defined below will be very clear. Here the credibility and authority of certain how to evaluate? See your audience, but the GOV website except love Shanghai rarely like K station, you know. What kind of content will be considered low quality, excessive optimization, drainage, malicious advertising, keyword stuffing, these are most owners do, such as placing your site at the bottom of Links links that belong to the malicious drainage, insert ads in the text as compared to the medical station are generally well aware, keyword stuffing some of the gray correlation content only through industry because few keyword stuffing to improve correlation.






let’s take a look at this article is how to regulate the important information in this paper I will use red box out to facilitate view. Love Shanghai mentioned the news to be real, can be valuable to collect and collate, said here is actually very tactful can collect the meaning, but you must improve the value instead of copy and paste.

recently Shanghai Longfeng community real disaster Hang Seng poured after another, the last 6.22 6.28 K station again, yesterday at the forum as long as it is on the 6.28 posts will fire, for this "disaster" what is the reason for Shanghai’s own love or we violated the new algorithm love Shanghai? The niche according to some still publish your own opinion.

said the recent discovery of Robin Li love sea, very love Tai Chi circle, this is telling us they will take action. Cheating, low quality, fraudulent contents mentioned in the text, a lot of people want to know how could Shanghai? Don’t underestimate the love engineers in Shanghai they are a veteran in battle Internet senior netizen, basically a glance, we can see through the trick, so now if you haven’t been to K as early as possible, or next the wheel is likely to turn to you.

love Shanghai also began to get involved in the forum, hereinafter referred to as the love of Shanghai forum. Love Shanghai forum first post time is 2012-5-8, but because of the love of Shanghai forum outside the chain of high threshold for many webmaster at a distance, then fell in love with the sea in May 23rd and in the announcement made a deal with low quality news station of the post, if you fall in love with the sea really want to tell us why in the forum and the webmaster not in the way news announcement? One of the mysteries themselves.

in the news title or text introduction and repeat, interspersed with popular keywords, and keywords and the actual news content without substantial contact >