Love Shanghai know how to reduce the rate of deletion of articles

do you think of? Of course, the problem is the account. What kind of account for questions and answers can avoid this situation?

2, when answering questions with link. Answer the questions with the contents of the link products already answered successfully, but when you come back to look at the answer, the content of it, no, it is deleted seconds we say. Then what is the reason?

2, select the advanced account, senior account refers to more than 4 accounts. There are two kinds of acquisition mode: manual registration and Taobao buy, buy Taobao in the first talk about the account on what are the advantages and disadvantages of

1 questions with links. When the questions link, generally not more than 2-3 times, the question is not, even the question of success, there are almost 90% of the question will be deleted, because the love of Shanghai will think you are advertising machine. This situation will lead to the account was closed, more serious will directly ip.

: Taobao price is generally more than 5 yuan, of course, also have to brush reputation and price is low, if the conversion rate is not high is not cost-effective, in addition to buy high level operations account with the sea Knowledge >

love Shanghai know do promotion is also quite a long time, the relative research on this time a little more, also is to have some experience, there is a lot of training in this area network tutorial what ah. But I think it is not so detailed, or are in bad way, not easy to do a successful, second days to see on the tips deleted, so that it is equal to one. Do the promotion of the use of love in Shanghai know, do the chain, especially Taobao off a kind of love is the best in Shanghai know, ask questions or answer with the product links, and a lot of video tutorials are in turn how in love Shanghai know leave product links, more people will tell you with low level the account left a link, but everyone in the operation of the process has no idea to the following two points ahead? A5 submission to share a love of Shanghai know do high bidding drainage long tail words can also refer to medical.

The disadvantage of the

1, first talk about the junior account. In fact, the low-level account operation can be, but that time is over, you should be doing. The most important low-level account replied with links, more than eighty-five percent will prompt the audit, is not by, so love Shanghai know operation lower account operation is not a wise choice, even if you use some skills or luck put links, so if you take this link with the answer, too will be deleted seconds. Very low success rate is almost equal to about 10%, is doing. The most important is that many people now use love in Shanghai Post Bar, love Shanghai space link to do the jump, here should be the most important problem. Love Shanghai space link. The article will be deleted, serious circumstances and risk of K station. So at this point, we should caution for love Shanghai products.

advantages: it can save you a lot of time, fast, simple.