After the price increases the impression that we are not short of money, but it means that completel

‘s long decline in the outside world does not seem to really affect the Evernote. In fact, since 2015, has been considered to be the first fallen unicorn, after a series of actions, has a good cash flow. The day before, the company CEO Chris · O’neal (Chris O Neill) in a blog post announcing the good news, but in an interview with VentureBeat, a spokesman for Evernote is quite confident of their own pockets, don’t need to actively seek financing.

of course this is just an expression, does not mean that in the future there will be no Evernote financing action. Obviously, this is too many people are not optimistic about the green elephant, eager to prove to the outside world that he is actually quite good.

Chris ·, wrote in a blog: in the past year, Evernote ushered in second billion users, the number of paid users doubled". From now on, our business will be self financing, we will put it into the development of new features to enhance the user experience."

"money" for Evernote was once a headache.

tool products in the realization of this matter, often the imagination is sometimes very poor, but for Evernote, their problem is to think too much. Despite the considerable amount of users, but in how to achieve, but it is still no big progress Evernote. The big reason is that it took them a long time to figure out what was the most important thing.

before someone Tucao, said Evernote spent too much time to test new products at random, rather than optimizing business strategy, such as a deviation, abandon the core advantage to do a Evernote, Food, Skitch and other applications, such as selling around in Evernote Market, in an attempt to the "domestic subsidies". Finally, it is not surprising that all ended in failure.

finally in June last year, Evernote even put "two strokes": one is the price of Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium (standard accounts) (premium account) two paid service prices 40%; two is to limit the free version, provides online at the same time the equipment cannot exceed 2.

obviously, the price has brought considerable growth and income data, and the company has also experienced the compression cost including downsizing action, Evernote pocket filling up, and money, to survive is the most practical and most effective.

but, survive, and then?

last month, Evernote launched the iOS 8 version, the new version >