Interpretation of Shanghai dragon er at work requires three excuses to avoid


in life we always love to find excuses for his failure, "I don’t love…". "Because… So…." these excuses are likely to become you cover your excuse for failure, but also may be your reason to indulge in work. The author is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work for two years, the most profound idea of this industry is the "Shanghai dragon should be for the purpose of direction, don’t give yourself excuses, excuses and cannot protect us, we will eat only an excuse.".

if I were a Shanghai dragon team leader, when I heard you say so, I will think you this is an excuse for their own lack of execution. The main performance of poor execution of people is that they always arrange a day work is full of things that don’t have more time optimizing site to the heart.

if I am a man of Shanghai dragon in this job, hear this excuse I will think of you and not on the site to pay all the love. As the Shanghai dragon Er website, like our kids, your love is like sunshine and rain, only to have their site to thrive. If you really love the Shanghai dragon Er this industry, like your own site, then please stop using it.

A: Excuse me to Shanghai, was not interested in



two: Excuse me because there is not enough time to

as a beginner you think of Shanghai dragon is not interested in you can make your failure can be forgiven? Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is indeed very dull as ditch water since you have chosen, but this one industry, you have to work with enthusiasm for the investment of one hundred percent, to. You can go as soon as possible to find their own sky, refused to such an excuse to cover up failure, because of your failure and not because they are of interest to you, but because you do not mind unremittingly.

as a grassroots Shanghai dragon Er, we have a large number of congenitally deficient, when we encounter Shanghai dragon failed to be search engine punishment, what is your first thought? Because the search engine is not updated frequently algorithm humane? Or because the competition is "handsome" themselves "grass root" these? You are not an excuse for failure, you just through these excuses to cover up his failure. The author will talk about easy excuses, see if you can find yourself from

an excuse is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice will be some, because they do optimization work just to hold this one industry "fun" and "try" attitude, once they hit the nail in this one industry, they will give them a chance to say "I boss of Shanghai Longfeng optimization not interested in this job, I just put too dull as ditch water, the industry as an opportunity to practice".