Wharf network shipping integrated electronic business platform to solve the disadvantages of shippin

Columbo: Dear judges, friends, we are very glad to have this opportunity to introduce Columbo’s products to you. Hear Columbo, you will certainly think of the famous navigator and adventurer, yes, our enterprise is also a do with the sea and ship related products. Columbo Dalian Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 January, to provide information management solutions after the establishment has not ship and ship related enterprises, so far has won nine national patents, technical team has 120 people, 60 people have the marketing team and customer service team. Our main service has two aspects, one is the ship maintenance management information management platform to provide services for the domestic 600 thousand ships, as well as providing e-commerce services for the shipping business trading platform. We are now on the line of ship maintenance management at the beginning of the year. So far, it has been close to half a year, and the operation is still in good condition. The pier network is expected to be available next month.

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Columbo ship maintenance management platform for the target customers and the service object is shipping and Ship Management Companies, we have now launched these modules contain all of the Ship Management Companies daily business, and we have this platform which is in conformity with the International Convention and the safety management system. Therefore, we will maximize the platform to avoid differences due to man-made quality of the work, will guarantee Ship Management Companies navigation safety in the ship, reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness. We are looking for 400 ships

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June 28th, sponsored by the entrepreneur, China Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week Organizing Committee, jointly organized by the Dalian hi tech innovation service center of innovation Chinese Dalian 2012 points race held in Dalian World Expo plaza. This year’s Dalian branch with overseas business leaders summit together into the Dalian China Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Week, creating more with the government, investment and financing institutions and entrepreneurs exchange and show opportunities for overseas students in Dalian and the majority of entrepreneurs. By then, 12 entrepreneurs from the Internet, medical, health, clean energy, cloud computing and other fields of start-ups will debut. Ninth of them display Columbo Dalian Technology Co., ltd..

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wharf network is a shipping integrated e-commerce online transaction service platform, reducing the quality of Ship Management Companies personnel and the difference caused by different. The demand for the shipping industry, through the integration of "information, purchase and sale of products, online trading, logistics and transportation industry facilities" e-commerce model, solve the shipping information resources, logistics fragmented and dispersed and asymmetric defects.

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