shlf1314 Adsense will be paid in RenminbiGuest do I edge off the bitter history of Taobao

Zhou Wenbiao: according to our investigation, the domestic webmaster to our satisfaction reached more than 80%. As for the advantages of AdSense, the advertising model is straightforward for advertisers, advertising chain clicks all is the same, one of the biggest advantage is the advertisers they have great transparency, they can control their own costs. It costs happened, he could see how the revenue generated by the.

contacted Taobao for the first time in 08 years, but as for the specific time, I forgot, because the Taobao didn’t leave me any deep memories at that time. Just remember that when YAHOO webmaster world still on a whim, he would set up a DIY station, because is DIY, so less than two days time station was built, and it seemed to Ali and YAHOO cooperation, can add advertising yourself, then I do not know it is later known to every family of Taobao customers so, no attention, casually added a few pieces not to take care of, plus the time and not what people come to visit my station, so a good opportunity is like me to miss, then the world webmaster disbanded, and I Taoke fate just temporarily stop. Now I remember, I still regret it.

program has been found, the more trouble comes with the addition of huge commodity information, which is huge and extremely annoying. So I set myself to get up at 9 every day, sleep at two or three in the evening, and sit down all day long

from then I moved to Wangzhuan industry, half a year later, in addition to the experience and lessons, what also didn’t leave me, in the meantime, I have done click, voting, doing tasks done alliance. Basically I did what I could, but later, in addition to being cheated is white, I was ambitious, downhearted, in the first half of this year was spent in full, just leave me in this lesson, not what credibility, is full of intrigues of the industry, we should decide on what path to follow, I began to reflect on and began to reflect on. Finally, I summed up, in order to stand on the feet, in order to mix up, only by their own efforts, only rely on their own hard work, long time to adhere to, long time unremitting efforts, I believe that God will look after you. So, I chose Taobao customers, I rely on my perseverance to persevere, I have to prove myself can do.


drive home: we have seen some reports, called shlf1314 Adsense has anti cheating system is very complicated, even up to more than 40 statistical models, I do not know whether it is true? In addition, the launch of the domain name protection function, is designed for China market development.

re joined Taobao started off, a lot of things we do not know, after a general study, I began to build their own station, so the first good name and domain name Taobao boutique, but the program choose what is good, I hit the first a headache. I can’t write it myself, I have to pay for it, and I pay for the program. That’s the last thing I want to do. I can’t make any money, but I’ll pay for it first. Think over and over again, and finally under a free and open source, installation and debugging, the problem came again, I found that the program has a lot of defects, and the interface has no big attraction for customers. No way, had to change again, and then tried a few, they do not feel very satisfied, and then feel very depressed, the spirit is already on the verge of collapse. Just when I wanted to give up, I was lucky enough to let me see it. Its unique design made me find the source of power, so the source code has been used by me all the time.

Although the

driver’s home: if the payment localization is realized, how will the revenue related Chinese tax problems be solved?

drive home: at present, shlf1314 is still in dollars + cheque payment to the owner, the payment cycle is longer, I would like to ask shlf1314 in this Chinese webmaster most concerned about the payment problem which improvements?

drive home: I ask the current webmaster shlf1314 Adsense satisfaction is high? shlf1314 Adsense compared to the current competitors, what are the advantages?

Zhou Wenbiao: Yes, we do in the process of localization in relation to bank transfer payment, payment of RMB and some taxes. We do not currently have a very detailed information can be revealed, but we China and government departments, and tax departments have the communication, we must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the government Chinese the provisions of the tax department to do these things.

Zhou Wenbiao: we have in the bank and the relevant departments and agencies Chinese consultations to achieve RMB payment as a unit, to the local bank account as a means of payment, which is more suitable for the Chinese webmaster needs, to help owners reduce 45-60 day of payment, collection time. In fact, China will become the first in the domestic currency for payment the Adsense business unit area.

on July 4th, we interviewed Mr. shlf1314, China online sales and Operations Manager at Adsense Jianguo Hotel in Shanghai, and made a detailed understanding of the current situation and development plan of shlf1314 and Zhou Wenbiao in china. Mr. Zhou Wenbiao said, shlf1314 began to accelerate the expansion of the local Adsense team from 2007, in the past year, the Adsense team increased from the initial 9 to 20 people, the number of China owners joined shlf1314 Adsense also doubled, shlf1314 Adsense China is the highest market share of similar products. In addition, shlf1314 has been developing new features particularly suited to Chinese Adsense users, such as protecting others from malicious fraud and clicking on domain names.