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internet education platform and educational tools;

Yu Minhong recently made a public speech, referring to the impact of online education on traditional ground education. Yu Minhong judged that China’s top educational big company would have three models in the future, namely,


1. ground education will not be destroyed by the internet.

1 99% will die, or half-dead. Yu Minhong said that at present in China, pure internet education enterprise has about two thousand monthly, talk to him or to find the investment cooperation of the thirty enterprises, but 99% of them are dead, or half-dead, but the rest of the 1%, will become a particularly robust education company.

, for the traditional educational enterprises, the country is in doubt, Yu Minhong said: "

hybrid model of both production and distribution via the internet.


"now ground training education companies are listed in China, and the country will have doubts.". Why? You’re an educational institution. I’m going to let you on the market, and I can’t tell you what impact it will have on the future of education in china."

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Yu Minhong’s views are as follows:

therefore, Yu Minhong judges that pure ground education will never be eliminated. As long as we can do it well and educate the ground, there will be a great chance in the future.

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traditional ground education model;

3., mobile Internet, Internet and ground education are closely integrated with the company. Yu Minhong describes his features like this:

Yu Minhong said there will be purely mobile Internet and internet education companies exist, which is characterized by a combination of content companies, educational institutions into the platform of service providers. Yu Minhong’s judgment on such businesses is:

1 China’s parents and China’s environment determine that parents will send their children to the ground to learn.

2 countries are pleased to see the growth of pure Internet Education enterprises. Yu Minhong said that the country is very pleased to see pure internet education enterprises listed, because this is the use of science and technology to promote the development of education strategy.

2 the effect of face-to-face education is better than online education at any time. Even when the video is flowing, the child’s ability to concentrate is never as good as two people talking face to face.

3 parents are most concerned about the effectiveness of their children, rather than the quality of their learning tools.


4 ground education companies can also use the Internet and the mobile Internet as a supplement.

Yu Minhong said that the Internet and mobile Internet will not eliminate the traditional ground education, there are several reasons:

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2. online education platform and tools, venture project 99% will die.