Entrepreneurs must see BAT how to fix the first batch of 1000 users

now, if you can not pull the relationship with the Internet, are embarrassed to say that they are in the business, do you agree with me,


in fact, whether it is the Internet or traditional industries, entrepreneurs, only to get the first batch of customers to survive. There is no doubt about it. Do you know Ma Huateng, Li Yanhong, Ma, they get the first batch of customers with what method?

you must be careful, or you’ll lose too much.

don’t know if you noticed, obviously a fact is that most of the business profit, are relying on customers who come to patronize again for months and years of repeat purchases. It is usually said that 20% of customers bring a profit of 80%.

The following

, share the value of millions of strategies to you, how to get the first batch of 1000 to customers and turn them into that can bring 80% profit to you that few customers become your long-term loyal buyers.

if you can not attract these customers at the beginning of the door, then your profit will be very poor. If you can bring in ten, this month and next month, one hundred and ten or one thousand and ten customers to your business value? Even if you are in the first 10 Fen transactions do not earn, but you in repeated transactions can not be lucrative


is in a draw or loss down to get customers, but focus on the future business method can bring solid benefits, is the most common entrepreneurs are ignored and the means of acquiring customers underestimated, unless you first recognize a very important fact, or you can’t use this method.

if your business is that customers may continue to go back, you also buy different goods or services you have duty to repeat what you should do, as much as you can to the customer into the mainstream of your purchase transaction.

customers to start the first paragraph of the relationship, in the eyes of most businessmen are very difficult.

please pay close attention to where you will learn how to decide on the conditions of the first buyer, even in the first purchase behavior without profit. But you will see it as a long-term relationship and long-term benefit.

most of the companies they are fighting for the focus is: a new client from a large profit.

you have to know how much money a customer will spend on you over the years, and it also tells you how much money you will spend on a client program.

What is the lifetime value of your

customers? Will a general customer in his or her life taking care of your business, including all the remaining sales, minus all advertising costs, marketing costs and any related products and services necessary to spend, is a lifetime value.

the following calculation can refer to:

1 calculate your average sales volume and the level of each sale