Money paid through advertising platform to a letter to the webmasterTaobao’s single page promotion i

what’s Taobao’s single page?

financial payment through advertising platform is committed to providing the best quality advertising exchange trading platform services, the development of the platform can not do without the support of the majority of the webmaster. Look forward to the money paid through advertising platform for the webmaster to provide better service, let the webmaster get more benefits!

replied: "now caifutong advertising platform open advertisement carousel, adding advertising carousel, in the case of unsold advertising is caifutong to buy, according to the number of such shows pay; will get a steady income, no formal website can join."

answer: the current audit is manual audit + system audit double standards. Artificial to the website nature, advertisement position carries on the examination; the system carries on the value judgment to the advertisement spot according to the index. The audit is completed within 2 days."

answer: "pay through" advertising platform is based on the integral as a value ruler, advertising release, you can get points after the transaction. The integral can exchange coins, will soon open RMB exchange function. Will be in the later activities at any time to exchange Tencent limited doll and other services."

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2, high flow

3, high conversion rate

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why is it so fire on a single page?


asked, "what can I get from an ad campaign?"


1, high profit

single page is only one page of the site, and Taobao guest page refers to those who only have a page of the website, and the full page is Taobao recommended link website. For example, you can often see websites such as weight loss sites on the internet. Since 2010, this model of network money hit many new and old webmaster heart.

respected stationmaster:


at first glance, these three conditions are easy to satisfy, but this is not the case. The first network high profit goods is not very much, the current network era, have further commodity profit compression, so it can meet the high profit products are not many, most are concentrated in the health care products, medical and other industries. And this high margin products must also have a certain customer groups, it is best not to one-time products.

a lot of network marketing professionals touted on the Internet, only one page of Taobao customers can quickly the monthly income of over 10000, the network can easily make money illusion, and with the people do not understand the network marketing, have people get rich quick mentality of the imaginary scam.

currently pay the money through the advertising platform, often received some of the problems mentioned by the webmaster, as follows:

asked, "how do I evaluate my points? How much is IP1000 per day?"

third, high conversion rate is hard to do. First of all, Taobao’s profit model is actually a kind of intermediary profit model, commodity must be traded, agent site only profit. The current online advertising transaction rate is very low, such as shlf1314 Adsense ad click rate, probably around 0.3%. Even Taobao’s transaction rate, the current observation in the old horse, can reach 10% are very powerful, but most of Taobao’s single page transaction rate is less than 1%.

second, where high traffic is not just the garbage flow of the site, but high quality directional traffic. For example, you are doing Korean clothing Taobao customers single page, then the face of your single page station traffic, how many are directed at the Korean clothing flow, is the key high flow. This accurate positioning of high-quality traffic is the hope and difficulty of all webmaster, this is definitely not SEO can solve. And this high quality traffic is hard to rely on to buy.

"How long is the audit time?" !For more information on

answer: "integral evaluation is the system according to the website of IP, PV, PR, the nature of the site, site ranking, determine the size and position of advertising advertising and other factors, it is not an accurate answer 1000IP earn."

and the most important issue is that the Taobao page must be satisfied with the above three conditions at the same time to be a profitable Taobao customers page. That’s successful Taobao!

can you make a profit on Taobao’s single page? The answer is yes, but your Taobao client page must meet the following requirements:

why is Taobao’s single page a scam?

asks: "no one buys my ad position?"

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asked. "