Wanglian launched three major problems facing more symbolic than practical significancesh419 League

network to take UnionPay role, let the third party payment company cut off direct to the system performance and stability can meet the needs of.

according to public information, the current access to the third party payment agencies including Alipay, TenPay, sh419 wallet and financial Jingdong’s online banking online, there is China bank and China Merchants Bank Bank access. In March 31st completed the first test run and net interbank clearing transactions. The transaction through the WeChat red packets by Tencent financial payment through platform, and the Bank of China and China Merchants bank. Caifutong become net platform interbank clearing transactions to complete the initial success of the third party payment company.

two platform, network problems

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Chinese payments clearing Association website information, March 31st, non bank payment institutions online payment platform hereinafter referred to as the "network platform" to start trial operation, the first access to some banks and payment institutions. During the test run, the integrity and effectiveness of the verification system function, business rules and risk control measures of the network platform. After the test run, other banks and Payment institutions will be connected to the system as planned and in batches.

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1, the software market profit model and case
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3 on capital investment: Net shareholders for the central bank 30% and the three party payment company.

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1 on Performance: according to a report in 2016 Alipay double pay 11 of the peak reached 20 thousand pen / sec. On the eve of the new year’s Eve, WeChat paid and wallet two mobile payment platform peak value of more than 20 thousand pen / sec. According to feedback from Bank of China, it raised TPS from 2000/ seconds to 4000/ seconds last year, and only 2 billion of hardware was invested. Imagine, in the current technical conditions, to meet the concurrent needs, only hardware investment will be more than 10 billion level. It is understood that the initial network planning capacity is only thousands of TPS, to the current network system is far unable to meet the third party payment company’s transaction demand, can only pay the company as the third party backup channel.

, a background: net platform test run on the line

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2 on the construction of three centers: if you cut off direct, wanglian must guarantee the network security, which requires the construction of three centers, to achieve live data architecture, to ensure business continuity. The construction of the three centers will take time, and second will require substantial capital investment.

media reports seem to wanglian on-line after the third party payment companies can cut off direct, detailed analysis, real time is not so. Now it seems that wanglian more symbolic than substantive significance.

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1, in the short term, network performance and stability to meet the demand of

Involving bank account payment service

network platform mainly deal with the payment institution initiated, business covers consumer, consumer refund, bill payment, purchase and redemption of financial products, personal transfers, credit card payments, withdrawals and other businesses.