All chips network CEO Sun Hongsheng leave Tencent, I use all the chips to do a business incubatorTex

in Internet Co has been quite a long time, especially in the Tencent work that time, witnessed the most brilliant Tencent 9 years, may be more brilliant future. I remember the day I joined the Tencent’s share price is about 3 yuan, the market value of $500 million, the day I left was $100 billion, over 200 times, the market is very difficult to have 200 times, and now I see the new market still has over 200 times the opportunity, it is this the Internet in the financial sector.

when we started last year, when you sh419 all the chips raised these two words, then you will find that this is entirely a proper term, even I do Internet people also feel that it is. Less than one

does an idealistic thing with idealistic feelings,

now, to raise the public network to raise the index of sh419 and sh419 index is positively related to every turn and raise public raise every turning network all together, we can see that the market is out of our development.


, we’ve developed the proper name

follows Sun Hongsheng dictating: "

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I came last August to raise public network, almost 9 years ago, has been in the Tencent, and then have been in the field of IT hardware products, I am partial to marketing, do Internet Co marketing.


in accordance with the overall state currently advocated "to encourage innovation, risk prevention, while avoiding disadvantages, healthy development", we seem to see the positive attitude of the Commission to raise public shareholding, also saw the Internet in the financial sector, to raise public mode of promotion has become a "third party payment", "P2P net loan" after the third wave. Today to listen to the community for many years were removed from the Internet to raise public network CEO Sun Hongsheng is how to explore the congregation "China mode".

recent regulators to raise public, P2P and other regulatory provisions or upcoming, and the Commission raised the regulation of the public is expected to be earlier than the introduction of regulatory policies for the P2P. Last week, Xiao Gang, chairman of the Commission, has been to the two parties to raise financing, the main content of the Internet financial enterprises to conduct research, one of which is the congregation raised network this platform.

for all the chipsOver the past 8 months you see

, I’ve been talking about the business to start business, and then just had the opportunity, he said, let’s do Internet banking, we will go to this platform together to start the business. The beginning did not think so much, think the Internet financial industry is good, feel P2P, payment, all the chips have to do several modes of space, especially the congregation raised more idealistic color, so we took an idealistic feelings to do such a thing of idealism, but also did not expect encountered so many difficulties, with a passion rushed into the congregation raised in this area, do raise public network.