Small net make use of different region, earn 1000 yuan everydayMagic network snowball capital law us

Author: taste

in the seclusion of the ancient Chinese, China is not self-sufficient, the outside world is in circulation. In fact, for now, on the Internet, we do not know much about foreign countries. Concepts like domestic blogs, SNS communities, and micro-blog are imported ideas from abroad. For example, Renren, formerly known as the "campus network", is to imitate the success of foreign countries

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

because China is a developing country, the purchasing power is generally low, especially on the Internet, consumer awareness is not very strong. In recent years, a lot better, but abroad is different, shopping on the Internet is already a part of life, especially in the developed countries such as the United states. Therefore, the ability of friends can also do a foreign trade website, and then do foreign trade business, earn foreign exchange is also good. You know, in the eyes of foreigners, Chinese goods are very cheap. In China, a few dollars worth of tea can be sold in the United States for tens of dollars. But the operation is very strong, to know how to optimize the site, in foreign countries to buy traffic, but very expensive, if you buy traffic, there is a risk.

in addition to SEO, in fact, can do the same as the domestic mass propaganda, but must understand some foreign language, otherwise it is difficult to do. Because the tools and websites used are foreign. Can also do foreign mail group, in the United States, mail delivery is a legitimate industry, there are foreigners specializing in open studio do mass, a day is millions of tens of millions of hair to send. Do bulk mail to sell products, the effect is not very good, but click on is still very strong.

, for example, you can buy a Japanese space, do a Japanese web site, you can do color station, in Japan to do color station legal, and domestic people will not tube you. However, it is difficult for a foreigner to go there to grab a business. But can do an ordinary website, know some optimization skills, and then hang GG advertising, income is also very impressive. Language is not an obstacle, you can translate, the key is to optimize the good, can attract natural flow, the site source sh419 search, looking for optimization, need, you can also find me.

has done GG know, if it is to do foreign language station, then a click price is very high, is a domestic click several times or even dozens of times, a click on a few dollars of very much. Web site is not difficult to do, but it is difficult to publicize and promote, if you are a master of SEO, do this good. But the domestic SEO skills are not all in common abroad, but also to learn foreign SEO technology.

uses geographical differences in many ways, but if it is only in China, the effect is not very large, because of the interoperability of the network. But if it’s foreign, it’s easier because of language barriers. Estimated at eighty percent of users are not foreign web sites? So it can have a brilliant future, such as YouTube video website to download some popular video, and then sent to the domestic video network, this is the original, there is no domestic, click rate is very high.