Wangzhuan experience how to quickly sell Ali Mama advertisingBokee won the first million advertising

when I find a few principles Ali mother do succeed, will strictly fulfill. Advertising within a few days sold out every few hours, check the mailbox, you can receive mail tips: XXX Ali Mama advertising success.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

according to my observation, many advertisers are in accordance with the thousands of people visit the cost of sorting to select advertising in the advertising, so your advertising people visit the lower cost can be purchased in the front row, the greater the chance!

principle two: follow the pricing formula of making advertising price

experience is a few point for me, and everyone is learning

I will

principle: to help customers

, chairman of AFU’s first attempt at blogging marketing, told reporters that collaboration with the blog originated from a toothpaste tube, Meng Xing. Originally, "AFU" recently intends to launch a new product – specifically for women’s aromatherapy toothpaste, and the company for this new product prepared advertising costs just 1 million yuan. "1 million dollars is an embarrassing number for me.". Because this money if used in CCTV advertising, may only be used for two days, certainly no effect." Is embarrassed when a friend introduced Fang Xingdong to Meng wake, the two hit it off. Immediately, "AFU" formulated the blog to the blog’s 500 beauties on the total value of 1 million yuan advertising.

advertising price = daily access number /1000

according to reports, the delivery of 1 million yuan advertising, beauty bloggers get the "reward" is the monthly provided by AFU $200 worth of free products, they passed the trial and in his blog, write down the use of feelings, so as to attract more users to experience; and the blog network access is reflected in the form of cash "marketing expenses".

my experience of selfless dedication of all

, "I personally predict that 2007 will be large-scale blog profitable year."." , chairman and CEO of the blog, recently revealed that it has attracted advertisers from AFU, an aromatherapy brand, with a total value of $1 million. This is the biggest advertisement that domestic blog website receives so far.

most of the site owners want to rely on their own advertising to earn a small, not much traffic advertising of several dozens of blocks. But you have to think about, advertisers are going to think? Advertisers want to use the cheap price to buy the value of advertising, advertising to advertisers, so if you find, think that if you do not buy that is a missed opportunity to buy is really cheaper then, can not sell? Remember to help customers:

how will your advertising in a few days this month will be the amount sold?

my site here ignore Hidden Dragon ah, I can’t afford, or while it was beyond

principle three: thousands of people visit the cost control in 0.1~0.2 yuan